Girls' Weekend Flea Market Trip To CANTON, TEXAS

Since FOREVER, a group of us women have been traveling to Canton, Texas in the fall for a Girls' Weekend Flea Market Trip.  Over the years, some have drifted in and out, but there are some of us "old timers" who will always attempt to make our way there on the weekend before the first Monday in November.

The only time I can remember NOT going to Canton in November was when I was pregnant with Caitlin...that year we went in October and she was born on December 3.  I would not necessarily recommend that anyone go there that far along in their pregnancy, but Caitlin was my fourth child AND I just could not miss the excitement of not only the shopping but the fun to be had with my special group of Canton Girls. 

After Caitlin was born, I continued to travel to Canton each year with her in tow.  She cut her teeth on bartering for items at a very young age.  At first it was hair bows and Beanie Babies, then it graduated to any number of things she was determined not to pay full price for; it became a game of sorts for her.  This year was no different as she and I searched out unique, vintage items for her wedding and reception.

Since Canton is so large, having a buggy is a MUST!

I Know this does not seem practical, but if I had a trailer with me, I would LOVE to have this sleigh!

The crowds can be tough and the lines long, but it is worth it to get the PERFECT treasure!

THIS is why you NEED a buggy...We bought ALL the ribbon this vendor had!

Caitlin  trying to determine if $1 was too much to pay for this bottle.

There are many traditions among us Canton Girls; one being "Show and Tell".  This wonderful tradition, borrowed from kindergarten days has been one of the really FUN aspects of our Canton Girls' Weekend.  At the end of each shopping day, we all congregate in one room with all of our purchases for the day.  Then, one by one, we go around the room and show our items, tell about why we bought them and for whom they are intended.  This activity is followed each evening by what can only be described as a "Big Girls' Pajama Party".  There are ALL sorts of secrets shared on this weekend and let's just say, 'What Happens In Canton...Stays In Canton!"  On the last evening of our trip, we vote on the "Queen of Canton".  We have come a long way since the first year this particular tradition was started.  On that first year, one of my best friends came along and she decided that we needed a "Queen".  She had saved her corn dog stick from lunch and that became the queen's scepter.  A Burger King crown was placed on her head and a toilet paper sash was draped across her body.  Presently, we use a Christmas tree skirt for the queen's cape and a tiara for her head!


And Tellin'...

Last year's "Queen", holding on to her cape for as long as she can!

Canton, for our group, is more than just a shopping trip.  It is where Louisiana meets Texas, since half of the group is from both states.  We enjoy visiting and catching up with each other.  Within this group of women, we have evolved over the years.  We have gone from single to married, married to widowed, mothers to grandmothers.  When someone cannot make their way to Canton on occasion, they are missed by all.  As Caitlin and I shopped this year, several times I thought of my mother who is now 83 years old; she was one of the "Originals".  When she turned 80, she announced that it would be her last year to travel there.  I found myself thinking of her and missing her.  I would have to bring her out to my house one day this week and have "Show and Tell" with her. 

*****Want to learn more about the Canton, Texas Flea Market?  Go to:  www.firstmondaytradedayscantontexas *****

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