It Was NOT My Intention To Visit Wal-Mart The Day Before Thanksgiving...

It is never my intention to visit Wal-Mart.  I realize that the entire country shops there, but that place just make me go completely into "anxiety mode".  Therefore, I tend to try to avoid entering the establishment at all costs.  THAT is why finding myself right in the middle of Wal-Mart during the pre-Thanksgiving chaos made me scratch my head and wonder if I was perhaps in the midst of a terrible dream.

It was my intention to head to the grocery store Wednesday afternoon to pick up the few items I needed for our Thanksgiving meal.  Voicing this to Robby, he told me not to worry about doing that, he would go for me and spare me the dreaded trip altogether.  Having no reason not to believe him, I continued on with my day.  Arriving home around 5:00, we decided to go out to dinner with Caitlin and Ryan who were already in for the holiday.  It was only after our tummies were full that Robby announced he had not gotten around to getting those items I needed from the grocery store yet.  He said since Wal-Mart was on our way home, he could just kill two birds with one stone.  The plan was for Caitlin and me to drop Ryan and him off to get the groceries, while we drove over to the gas pumps and filled up his tank.  WHEW!  That sounded like a plan to me; I wouldn't have to go inside the store after all.

After dropping them off to get the groceries, we drove over to the gas pumps, where I sat inside the warm car while Caitlin got out to put the gas in.  KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK on my window..."What?", I asked.  Caitlin explained that she couldn't get the gas tank knob on the car untwisted.  I got out and had no luck with it myself.  I was just telling her to get back in so we could go get her dad when this nice gentleman saw us struggling with it and came and got it opened for us.  As soon as we were finished, Caitlin got back into the car to drive over to wait for the guys.  She hit the button to start the car up and...NOTHING.  We looked at each other and immediately knew what had happened; Robby had forgotten to give us his "smart key"...we couldn't go anywhere (ugh...).

We only sat there a minute before a car pulled in behind us and I had to explain, using hand signals, that we couldn't get our car started.  I volunteered to walk all the way back to the store to get the key...HEY!  I wasn't sure which was scarier; being stuck in front of the gas pump with angry people lining up behind me or having to actually go into the store on the eve of a holiday.  After making it back to the store, I began my search for the guys.  They were naturally in the very back of the store and as I turned the corner and our eyes met, they knew exactly what had happened.  Ryan took the key and went back to get Caitlin while I got the joy of staying with Robby to check the groceries out.

Just as we got in line to check out, Robby realized that he had forgotten to look for something.  He threw me his wallet and told me to stay in line.  I was second in line so I just stood there and read the covers of all the magazine and tabloids.  It was taking a while, but I was determined not to get WAS the holiday season, after all.  The trouble, however, came when the checker at the register next to mine apparently voided too many items and needed the assistance of MY checker.  So...when the lady in front of me loaded up her groceries to did my checker!  Quickly recalling why I tend to avoid the store, I watched as the two cashiers discussed the discrepancies on the receipt in question.  About that time, I saw my husband run across the front of the store, headed for the front door..."Ummm...Robby, STOP!"  Hearing his name, he spun around to see me still standing in line with my groceries on the counter and no one behind it checking me out.  He asked what was going on and just as I was about to explain, luckily someone came up and began checking me out.  

As we loaded our groceries up and started rolling our buggy out of the store, the two checkers were still discussing the voided ticket; she was telling the customer that they were going to have to take all of his groceries out of the bags and start over.  People were lined up behind him and I could see their shoulders physically begin to sag and hear the sighs escape their lips.  I was getting out of there pretty much unscathed and I must admit that I was surprised and "thankful" ('tis the season...)  HOWEVER... I hope NOT to find myself in this situation again any time soon; I'm NOT tempting fate!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You would have hated being behind me in line too. I had a stack of coupons! But I am nice and always apologize to the person behind me.