Some Interesting, Yet Confusing Observations Concerning PUBLIC RESTROOMS...

There are many thing that one could observe concerning PUBLIC RESTROOMS.  First, I am absolutely amazed at the apparent size of a woman's bladder compared to a man's.  Have you EVER seen a line outside a men's restroom?  I have often wondered about that line phenomenon (or lack there of for the men's room...), while myself waiting and crossing my legs in MY outrageously long one.  To take my mind off of tinkling in my pants, I find my mind wandering, pondering other observations I could also make about PUBLIC RESTROOMS, in general.

My husband has commented many times over the years that I must have a bladder the size of a pea or either I am on a mission to visit every public restroom in the country.  Well, I may indeed have a bladder the size of a pea...OR perhaps it is merely the after effects of being pregnant with four children and having them press down upon said bladder, thus making it not quite as efficient as once before.  Whatever the reason may be, I will agree that I have visited probably hundreds of public restrooms over the span of my life.  It is not that I enjoy visiting them; it is just that the prospect of NOT visiting them is even more undesirable.  So, I thought that I would share some of MY observations and employ all of you to chime in with your own...HERE GOES!

Bathrooms, in general, are sort of a pet peeve of mine.  I like my bathrooms at home to be clean.  For me, that means, no toilet rings, no dirt around the baseboards, no hair around the sink and a shower and tub free of mold and mildew.  I'm sorry, but a bathroom is a place where people go to get clean.  I just don't think one can get clean in a dirty place.  Taking all of this into consideration, I'm sure you can only IMAGINE how public restrooms tend to DRIVE ME CRAZY!  I never know what I might find waiting within the confines.  Since in my experience only a small percentage can be found "acceptable"...I gird myself for the inevitable before making my entrance.

One's first impression is made upon the entry of the restroom.  It comes in the form of...SMELL.  I KNOW that is gross, but I don't know any other way to put it.  When you open a public restroom door and the smell hits you in the face, you KNOW it is not going to be good.  Therefore, to prepare myself for the possibility that the smell will potentially be terrible, but the bathroom could actually be physically clean, I just take a deep breath before entering.  FYI, people...There are such things are room deodorizers that hang on the wall and intermittently spray a mist every few minutes...INVEST IN ONE!

The second and third observations go hand in hand and BOTH confuse me greatly.  It is the fact that many times, public restrooms have toilet paper all over the floor...AND unflushed toilets!, I would just like to know WHO IN THE WORLD does this sort of thing in their own home?!  SURELY no one.  There is just nothing worse than walking into a stall where the toilet has not been flushed.  And my question would be..."Why not flush the toilet after you use it?"  I cannot even imagine any human doing this in their own home.  And who simply wipes and then throws the paper on the floor?  Again...WHY would a person do this in a public restroom?  I cannot bring myself to believe that anyone does that sort of thing in their home either.  Just observations...just valid questions.

I realize that this may appear to be an odd subject to broach, but I have griped and complained and commented on this phenomenon for years.  Come on, "ladies" (and the fact that WOMEN do this confuses me even further...) show a little respect.  Even for those of you who are not as "picky" about keeping a "clean" bathroom at home as I am...I'm SURE you don't throw toilet paper on the floor or fail to flush the toilet all day long (At least I HOPE not...)., now I think I may know WHY the line to the women's restroom is so long.  Once a woman enters the stall, the cleaning begins.  She immediately takes notice of what needs to be done first.  If there is a line, she MUST enter the next available stall; even if it is not up to her standards.  Taking stock to see if the toilet has not been flushed, she MUST do THAT first. Removing the hand sanitizer from her purse, she squirts a generous portion out on the seat and begins cleaning it off with toilet paper.  FINALLY, she gets to sit down and actually USE the toilet.  All of this takes time, thus explaining the back-up of the women's restroom line. WHEW!  How exhausting to even have to navigate public restrooms these days.  BUT, as they say, "When ya gotta go...Ya gotta go!"  Unfortunately, SOME people "Go" like they're in the woods!

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