OH MY GOSH!...We're Officilly In The "ZONE" As Of Yesterday!

Yesterday was the 26th of March; 27th birthday of my middle son AND...exactly TWO MONTHS until Caitlin's wedding!  As the mother-of the-groom, I always referred to the "Zone" as six weeks before the wedding.  As the mother-of-the-bride, I feel that the "Official 2 month mark" is the zone for us.

When I woke up this morning, I stretched and yawned a little.  Made my way to the kitchen for some sort of breakfast and a cup of coffee.  I didn't sleep well but got ready to face the day anyway (what other choice did I have?).  Remembering it was David's birthday, I picked my phone up to send him birthday wishes and then it happened.  As I was fixing that coffee, I realized that Caitlin's wedding was on the 26th of May...OH CRAP!  As of today I was "Officially in the ZONE"!

If you haven't ever planned a wedding for your child, you might not know what it means to be in the "Zone"; let me explain.  Whenever the "Zone" arrives, anything can happen, including conniption fits.  Hmmm...thinking on that, I should have know the "Zone" was upon us since I've already had a couple of those.  Basically, it means this is crunch time!  This weekend, will begin the whirlwind of activities leading us into the "Zone".  Friday, Caitlin and I will travel back to Dallas to pick up the wedding dresses and on Saturday she will take her Bridals with her photographer there.  On the way home Sunday, we will stop off in Canton to pick up some more decorations that we are having made for the reception.  Lists are forming in my head and this is the time that I begin making all of those "To Do Lists" that I was so unconcerned with before.  I'm thinking that THIS is perhaps one of the reasons I was unable to sleep last night.

After this weekend, the madness will continue as I will attempt to organize my many scratched notes on every note pad that I can find.  The invitations are in but I still need to order the envelopes and then everyone will be in for Good Friday and Easter weekend.  The next week will find me jumping into the task of getting all of those invitations addressed, stamped and ready to be mailed.  This task must be done before Caitlin's Bachelorette Party and Lingerie Shower in New Orleans which will be the following weekend. We will travel there and when we get back, Caitlin will return to school for her last few weeks before graduation and the invitations will go out.  I hope that will take some pressure off being the last "Big" task (until the wedding week arrives...) to complete.

Then as April ends and May arrives, the whirlwind will most likely turn into a tornado.  Birthday, anniversary, graduations, Mother's Day...I have decided to refer to this month as "Margarita May" and NOT because of Cinca de Maya.  Before I know it the wedding week will be upon us and the work will really begin; putting finishing touches on everything it has taken 8 months to plan.  SO...as I enter the "Zone", I will take one HUGE breath of air and slowly expel it out (a relaxation technique I learned in yoga which I plan to heavily rely on...).  TWO MONTHS...WOW!   We're in the "Zone"; Ready or not...HERE WE COME!

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