Private Island Anniversary Trip!

OK, so here I am sitting at the Miami airport.  Caitlin and I woke up early so she could make her morning flight back home.  Me...I got to walk about 40 miles (I know; I'm dramatic ) MY next gate to get checked in for a late afternoon flight to my next destination for 5 DAYS!

Now, about that 40 mile hike through the airport...It just so happened that my gate was at the entire other end of the terminal from where Caitlin's was.  I asked an attendant how far it was; he said, "Oh, about 2 blocks."  Don't ever believe those people; they obviously DON'T know how far a block is!  Anyway, I got down there to check in and I must admit I was struggling a little bit.  Oh, the suitcase was a rolling one, but it was that darn backpack I had on.  It hadn't seemed that heavy on the trip here.  Oh, that's right; I didn't want to take the chance of being overweight with my checked-in luggage, so I threw some extra things from my suitcase in there (ugh... sounded like a good idea at the time).  I saw the gate and although the line was long, I had made it!  After standing in line at the wrong check-in machine, I found the one where I needed to be, put my information in said I was too early (crap...)!  I took that little slip of paper to another attendant (hoping she gave better information than the previous one...) and she told me I could check in early at another counter...FURTHER down the terminal (double crap...)!  After making it to the check-in counter, I explained that my husband was flying in from somewhere else to meet me; I tried to sound pitiful so they would let me check in early...IT WORKED!

I got a text from Robby telling me to use his credit card to gain entrance to the Admiral's Club and to also be really nice (aka:  not mouthy) going through security.  I made it through security and immediately began to search for the Admiral's Club; it wasn't supposed to be very far.  By the time I made it there with that heavy backpack, I was breaking out in a sweat.  I know what you might be thinking, but I don't believe it was due to hormones; it could have been either the fact that I had done some serious carido on an empty stomach or that perhaps my skin was on fire from the sunburn I was sporting from the previous days on the beach.  All I kept saying to myself was, "Please, let them allow me to get in!!!"  I got in after explaining that my husband was on his way and by now I was REALLY heating up.  I immediately threw my stuff in a chair, headed for the coffee pot and...OK, grabbed a cookie while I was standing in line; HEY!  I was feeling weak...

Now, back to where I'm going for the next 5 days.  Robby and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary in May.  As you all know, May is going to be CRAZY for our family.  We have Caitlin's wedding, of course, and then there is Ryan's birthday, Mother's Day, Caitlin's graduation from college and David's graduation from medical school!, Robby and I decided to break away for a little anniversary trip to...A PRIVATE ISLAND!  I had always wondered what it meant to be a "Private Island"; were you there all by yourself?  Where did you sleep?  Hopefully not in a tent on the beach!  Well, when I looked at the web site for Little Palm Island, I learned that was absolutely NOT the case.

Little Palm Island is located about two miles off the coast of Key West.  Robby and I will fly from Miami to Key West, take a taxi to the dock and then board a boat that will take us out to the island.  There are many things to do on the island and one can travel back and forth to Key West by boat if they choose to spend some time there; but there is one thing about the island that I initially wondered about.  There will be no television or telephones!  YEA...I will be totally unplugged from the world for 5 days!  I think there is Internet access, but I have decided that I will take advantage of these 5 days and just disconnect from everything. won't hear from me again until after the 20th.  However, at that time, I hope to have LOTS of pictures to share with you about this wonderful experience that my husband and I of 30 YEARS will have had.  Until then, take a look at this private island, 

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