Oh The Things I LOVE About "Beach Life"...

Life on the beach appears to stand still.  There are no clocks, appointments, places one has to be.  There is always a breeze and it is salty. The beach has healing qualities that no other place does.  By my second day here, I finally found myself unwinding.

There are so many things that I just LOVE about "Beach Life" that I thought I would share some with you...and encourage you to comment on the things that you perhaps love about the beach too!

I love waking up to a sunny morning, where I can wander out to sit by the pool and have my first cup of coffee and breakfast before heading to the beach for the day.

I love the way the wind blows, causing the waves to lap against my feet and the salt air to permeate my every pore.

There are only a few things one might do while on the beach.  While reading is high on my list, I also enjoy alternately people watching, listening to my i-pod and napping.

Lunch on the beach tastes a little better with a few grains of sand in it!

And when the lunch arrives, the birds move in a little closer...

Spending time with Caitlin has always been a big part of this annual beach trip; "Girl Time" is always FUN!

Outdoor dining in the evenings is also a favorite of mine.

There is really nothing at all that I can think of that I don't like about "Beach Life".  What a wonderful escape from the routines of everyday life.  So if you find that you can slip away for a few days, I highly recommend that you throw some flip-flops and swim suits into a bag and head out to where the sun is warm on your face, the salt water breeze hangs heavily in the air and you are required to do nothing at all...

The BEACH...

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  1. So fun, I listen to the beach every night on my sound machine! So soothing.