Celebrating The 4th With My Family...

Our huge 4th of July celebration would be scaled down this year.  Caitlin was off in Cleveland and David was working in New Orleans.  I have resigned myself that getting all of us together for most events any more is quite unlikely and I consider it a gift when it does happen.  So, although, everyone would not be in attendance this year, we decided to go ahead with a 4th of July celebration, albeit a smaller one.

Robby's sister, Cindy, and her husband decided to come in for a few days this summer; they decided it would be the week of the 4th.  And so, my in-laws loaded up too and we all headed to our lake house.  Cindy and Clint's children are around the same ages as our children.  They have two daughters (one married with a little boy...) and a son who is also married.  Their son, Josh, and his wife Lana joined us for the holiday too.

As I said, it was a much quieter 4th than we usually have, but I found quiet to be nice.  It was SUPER HOT here so, needless to say, we didn't stay outdoors for very long periods of time.  The house was filled with the wonderful smells of bar-be-que, potato salad and baked beans and our appetites were one thing that the heat sure didn't deter...

                            Aren't these cool paper plates and napkins I purchased for the 4th?

                We started the day with a BIG, OLE SOUTHERN BREAKFAST ( notice the grits!)

Parker Ann showed up sporting her red, white and blue AND carrying her Bitty Baby in a carrier!

After lunch, people could be found keeping cool by napping, visiting or watching the Olympic Trials...

After a relaxing afternoon, two things were decided:  First, someone needed to make a dessert and Second, we would be taking the pontoon boat down the river, into town for the annual 4th of July fireworks show!  Now, I'm good at making suggestions (better at that than cooking...), so since Cindy and Clint had stopped off and bought a huge box of fresh peaches, I decided that we needed to make some sort of dessert out of them.  Robby and Cindy set to work to make a delicious fresh peach and blueberry cobbler...

By the time we headed to town on the boat to watch the firework show, it had cooled down enough to be enjoyable outside.  Well, at least while the boat was traveling down the river.  Once we stopped again, the humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  Parker announced that she wanted us to turn the "air on"! 

The 4th of July this year may have been a quieter one with fewer people in attendance but it was a good one.  One filled with wonderful new memories made with friends and family.  I am so thankful that we, as Americans, have this holiday to celebrate the freedom that so many have fought to defend.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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