Is It OK To Have Chips And A Martini For Dinner?!

OK...So, we've established the fact that I like to wake up slow...have my coffee and THEN tackle whatever it is the world has to throw at me.  Well, today was one of those days that I was just THRUST into before I had time to open my eyes.

Have you even been awakened and not remembered where you are or even what day of the week it is?  Well, today was sorta one of those days for me.  You see, I was awakened by a crying baby...followed by, "Hmmm...what is that noise?"...followed by, "Oh my gosh!  I forgot Parker Ann had spent the night" (sigh...).   I tried to focus my eyes and before my feet could barely hit the floor Robby was standing in the bedroom with a crying baby, handing her off to me as he immediately walked out of the door to head to work (double sigh...).  As I was trying to pull myself together, Caitlin walked into my room.  Yay!  I had forgotten she was here too.  We both tried to convince Parker to just climb up into bed with us and cuddle for a while (so I could grab that cup of much needed coffee...) but she was having none of that.

I walked with a crying Parker to the kitchen where I quickly got a coffee cup out of the cabinet and impatiently waited for my cup of coffee to brew.  As I sat the now filled cup down on the counter, Parker Ann uttered her first words of the day, "Coffee?" and "Dora on".  Well, this was no time to work on our discipline of breaking her from the incessant Dora the Explorer watching and I happily walked over and put a DVD in my computer.  Ahhh...quiet at last; Parker Ann had her Dora, blueberry muffin and apple juice and I had my coffee.

I was only watching Parker for a little while while Sarah went to her physical therapy session; when she returned, I had to head to town to work in Robby's office and run my errands; it was going to be a long, busy day for me.  And as I drove to town later, I was singing that song..."DDDDD Dora, DDDDD Dora...Dora, Dora Dora, the explorer..."  And now, back to my original question:  "Is it OK to have chips and a martini for dinner?!"  I think perhaps so!  And if you are a woman out there reading this, you surely understand this concept of having something...shall we say, "unusual" for dinner.  Come on now...Don't tell me any of you haven't had a bag of popcorn or chocolate bar for dinner occasionally?!  Is that so different from chips and a cotton candy martini? 

            I must say that this was a delicious and satisfying dinner for this particular evening!

     And followed up by an equally delicious dessert!  HEY...If you're gonna do it, go all out!!!

                                 Followed by a relaxing boat ride down the river with Caitlin.

                                                            And, of course, my doxies!

                                                               Ahhh...Life is Good!

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  1. Sure it is OK? You reminded me that I need to start planning tomorrow nights dinner!