A Sizzling Sister's Saturday!

We had felt no relief here from the heat all week long, with temperatures lingering in the triple digits each day.  However, when my sister asked if I would like to go shopping and out to lunch on Saturday,  I said, "Sure!  For as long as I can hold up in this heat."

My sister and I are the only two siblings in our family.  You may not think that too unusual until I tell you that we are 15 years apart!  Yep, quite a few years, but thankfully we have not let the large number of years between our ages keep us from doing things together over the years.  Lately, though, our "doing things together" had been limited to lunch dates during the work week since I had been so busy with graduations and wedding planning.  Now that things had slowed down a bit, it would be nice to hit the road on a Saturday for some sisterly bonding and fun!

I woke up early, before the sun truly began to heat things up.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee in bed while watching the DIY channel...something I really like to do on Saturday mornings but also had not done in a while.  I was looking forward to the day and visiting some shops I had never been to and also some of my favorites.  As I stood there looking in my closet, I was pondering the coolest thing I could wear for the day with those miserable triple digits temperatures.  Hmmm...I thought about a bathing suit but decided that most gift shops and surely the restaurant where we would be having lunch would frown on such a thing, so I chose a pair of short, the coolest shirt I could find and, of course, Caitlin's flip-flops (which I was now wearing on a daily basis)...she would be going on this shopping adventure with us, if only in spirit!

My sister lives in the neighboring city, separated only by the Red River; it takes me about 25 minutes to get to her house.  I got there around 10:30 that morning and although it was already beginning to heat up, the sky thankfully remained overcast.  We headed out to some shops on her side of the river first and I found some really cute items...and even purchased a few!

                                               Ready to head out for our day of shopping!

Along the way, I snapped pictures that I sent to Caitlin in Cleveland so she could feel a little like she was with us on this trip...

                    I LOVED these pictures frames...Think I could make these myself, too!

I found these cute little boots, but I was proud of myself that I didn't buy them...I kept telling myself that I had enough boots already.

Now, these...I REALLY wanted and even tried them on.  Hmmm...then the sales lady told me they were on SALE!  I REALLY, REALLY wanted them then.  Alas, they didn't have my size (ugh...).  Guess I didn't really need another pair of shoes either.

                             My sister, however, DID get these SUPER CUTE little jewels!

Look what I found for Parker Ann!  THIS, I purchased and gave to her on Sunday afternoon.  Hanging it across her shoulder, she new EXACTLY what to do with a purse.  Watch out everybody...she will be looking for "Money to feed the pig"!

 I love to buy really cute and different napkins...Aren't these unique?

Before we headed across to my side of the river, we drove just a ways down the road to a restaurant where I enjoyed sushi for lunch...

I found out that this place has a sister restaurant in my city that I have never been to.  The food was delicious, so I will definitely be checking the one out close to me!

After lunch, we headed out for some more shopping at some of my favorite shops...

 We visited the Kitchen Shop, where this great piece of artwork, done by an artist friend of mine, hangs.

The Kitchen Shop has a wonderful selection of napkins and I just couldn't resist these!

Moving along, we visited The Funky Fleur de Lis, where I splurged and purchased this great burlap piece to hang on the wall at the lake house...

                               I plan on printing some family photographs to hang on it.

We continued to shop and I bought a few patriotic items for the up-coming week of the 4th (which I will share in a later post!), but here are some MORE napkins that I purchased at yet another one of my favorite gift shops, Terra Home...

                           I know bees scare some people, but aren't they just SO SUMMER?

Before we headed back to my sister's house, we felt the NEED for something "Sweet and Cold".  You've got it...We stopped for some frozen yogurt to eat on the way home.

When we got back to my sister's house, we both walked up to visit with my mother for about an hour and then I had to go back home.  Robby and Ryan would be back home soon and I wanted to have dinner ready for them when they arrived.  This day had been a good day; a day that I had needed.  It was not about shopping and spending money (as you can see, we mostly "window shopped"...), but about spending time with your sister.  When we parted on Saturday, we made plans to do this again soon and I hope that we will make the time to keep those plans because there is nothing like spending a day with someone you love...your SISTER!

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