Books I Am Reading Or Have Read: " The Redbreast"

Someone suggested I read the "Harry Hole" books.  I read a lot of reviews about books, but I had never heard of those.  I wrote a note to myself, researched how many there were and if I needed to read them in order, found our that indeed there was an order to the books and then began on the first one...well, the first one written in English.

The first two "Harry Hole" books are not written in English, therefore, I had to start with book number 3, "The Redbreast", written by Jo Nesbo.  If college taught me one thing, it was to finish what I started, so saying that I will admit that I had to stick with this book a little while before I became really drawn into the story line.  However, once I became drawn in, I could barely stand to put the book down.

"The Redbreast" is one of those books that jumps back and forth between times.  It jumps between World War II and the present day in Norway.  That is the other thing that readers must adjust to; the names of places and people that are totally unfamiliar from what one may be used to reading.  The jumping back and forth must take place, though, in order for the story line to develop.  Things twist and turn until past meets present and then the "Ah Ha Moment" happens for the reader.  I would not dare begin to tell you WHAT the story is about, but I WILL give you a little hint.  It involves war (of course...), a love story and an assassination plot.  Believe me, it is a very exciting novel AND there are more "Harry Hole" books that I cannot wait to read, because there was one situation in "The Redbreast" that was not resolved at the end of the book which I suspect will continue in the next one; that fact alone makes this series a compelling read for me.

If you need further proof that Jo Nesbo is a talented writer, let me share with you a little about the author:  "Jo Nesbo is a musician, songwriter, economist, and one of Europe's most critically acclaimed and successful crime writers today.  His first novel featuring Police Detective Harry Hole was an instant hit in Norway, winning the Glass Key Award for Best Nordic Crime Novel- the most prestigious crime-writing award in Northern Europe.  In 2004, "The Redbreast" was voted the "Best Norwegian Crime Novel Ever Written" by members of Norwegian book clubs."  NOW...That's pretty impressive, isn't it?  I would definitely recommend reading this author's work; you won't be disappointed.  I am so happy when individuals introduce me to authors that I otherwise would never have found on my own.  If YOU have any reading suggestions for me, please leave them in my "comments" sections.

                                                               HAPPY READING!!!

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