Planning For A BIG, FAT, Family Vacation!

I wasn't sure that we would be able to even take a family vacation this year.  There had been so much going on; Caitlin's wedding, David and Codi moving to New Orleans and Caitlin and Kevin moving to Cleveland.  It made me sad to think that we wouldn't get to enjoy this special time together and THEN...It all worked out!  It clicked (well, sorta...) and here we are, getting ready for a BIG, FAT, FAMILY VACATION!

At first, we thought that perhaps we would have to wait until the holidays to plan a get-away with the family, but then I suppose the moon and stars suddenly aligned and VOILA'!  We had a plan.  Our destination this year is Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We haven't been there since the children were very young, but have very fond memories of the place.  And the most wonderful part of all?  EVERYONE will be able to make this trip!  Yep!  All 11 of us.

Believe me when I say that getting our entire crew together for a trip is NOT an easy task (and it hasn't been done for quite a while...).  Here's how it's going to be done this time: Sarah, Parker, Codi and I will head out Saturday to get the beach house ready for everyone else's arrival.  Robby, Justin and David will be in Mississippi for an annual golf tournament that they play in Friday through Sunday.  Upon the completion of their tournament, they will head to the beach also.  Monday evening, Caitlin and Kevin will be flying in from Cleveland and Ryan and Allison will already be in Panama City with friends; they will come to the house on Tuesday evening (whew!).  And that makes 11 on the beach!

We needed a pretty big house to hold all of our crew, so we found a three-story, 5 bedroom house at Kiva Dunes resort.  The guys will play a little golf, the girls will enjoy the beach, we will cook in, eat out, do a little shopping, a lot of reading, much beach walking, nightly crab hunting and relaxing.  And , of course, I have already packed the cards and dominoes.  It has been a while since we have ALL been able to get together for a family vacation, but it has been even longer since we have had a beach vacation...I am excited!  Can you tell?!  And so, I must pack later!

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