Joe, The AC Guy...

Years ago, my husband, Robby, was an AC guy.  Here in the south, where the summers hang out in the triple digits, it's a good living; hard work, but a good living.  It kept 6 of us well fed and with a roof over our head.  Those were long, hard days for Robby of rising early to climb into attics before the heat was absolutely unbearable.  I suppose that is the reason that I have such a soft spot for not only AC guys but all constructions workers in general.

Last night my kids started arriving for the dinner I would prepare tonight as Caitlin and Kevin's going away dinner.  She would be leaving Friday for Ohio, where they would be living for the next 5 years.  Trying to cram everything we could into a mere week was difficult.  We tried to ignore the reason why we were doing these things; neither one of us wanted to think about her move.  First, we planned a mani/pedi day (this would be the last one we would share for a while...), then we hit a few boutiques around town, went to pick up more wedding gifts that were being held at a shop for her and finally began to plan a family get together before she left.  When I went to bed at midnight, the A/C was working just fine...THEN, I suddenly woke up before 6 a.m. to find myself as hot as a firecracker!  WHAT THE HECK?!

OK...So, I'm no A/C mechanic, but I DO know the drill from having been an A/C mechanic's wife for quite a few years.  The first thing I did was to walk to the thermostat to see if someone had just turned the temperature up during the night.  When I looked, there were no numbers even lit up on it (ugh!!!).  Robby was out of town working, but I didn't even think about the time and immediately called him.  I could tell his brain was still in a sleep fog, but HEY!  This was an EMERGENCY!  It was HOT in my house and would only get hotter as the day wore on.  Robby walked me through the drill of checking the breakers...none were thrown.  That's when he said, "Let me give you 'Joe, the A/C guy's' number."

I have to say that having been in the construction industry for so many years affords one a few perks.  One of those perks is that when you have an emergency, you get taken care of quickly.  Barely a few minutes had passed before the phone rang and it was Robby again.  While I was waiting for the clock to strike 7 before ringing "Joe, The A/C Guy", Robby had already sent him a text message telling him about my woes.  I was then sent up into the attic to "clear a path" (if you've ever been in my attic, you know what that means...) and check the drain pan (I told you, I was a sorta A/C mechanic, myself...).  Sure enough, I (OK..."we") diagnosed the problem.  The drain pan had filled up and automatically shut off so that it wouldn't overflow through my ceiling (thank goodness!).  This was an easy fix and thankfully our other smaller A/C unit was still running.

So, I have been put on the schedule for first thing this morning (before he sun REALLY comes out for for the day!) and sit here with the working unit turned down to 66 degrees with all of the ceiling fans blowing and the window blinds drawn.  Yep!  Today, "Joe The A/C Guy" will be my best friend.  Because with it hotter than blue blazes here in the pays to have friends with "cool connections"!

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