So...Do You Want To Hear About A Miracle?!

I just had to post this since I sent a message out merely a week ago, asking all of you to pray for little Lucy.  Every day since then, I have continued to check on her condition.  If you remember, her mother, Kate, had asked for prayers of mercy and no suffering for her precious 5 year old daughter whose cancer had recurred.  One could tell by reading Kate's words that she appeared defeated.  No, she had not lost her faith but it was time for literally thousands of people to take their prayers to the throne of the Father.  I joined in that crusade and asked all of you who are prayer warriors to join me.  That's why I think that YOU should push my "Praying for Lucy" button (on the left side bar...) and see for yourself what an AWESOME GOD we serve.  Be sure to go back a week and see the progress that Lucy has made.  I assure you that this will make your day and renew your spirits.  There are NO limits to what our God can do!  Please continue to pray for this little girl and her entire family who has touched so many people's lives.

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