And Then There Were 11...

Well, slowly but surely the whole crew has arrived here in Gulf Shores.  It has been lazy days at the pool and beach with napping in the afternoons...HEY!  Isn't that what vacations are supposed to be about after all?

Saturday, Sarah, Codi, Parker and I all arrived here at our beach house at Kiva Dunes Resort.  This place is wonderfully peaceful.  I have enjoyed just sitting out on any one of the balconies and enjoying my morning coffee or lunch or reading a good book.

Sunday evening, Robby, Justin and David rolled in from their golf tournament in Mississippi and joined us in our daily walk to the beach to play in the waves and sand.  And speaking of the beach...Parker Ann LOVES the beach!

                                              Poppi helping Parker Ann jump the waves!

                                           Parker and Ya Ya letting the waves splash on us

At Monday around midnight, Caitlin and Kevin got in from their plane flight from Ohio.  Everyone sort of slept in Tuesday morning, but it wasn't long before we all ambled over to the pool, which is directly across the street from our house...

OK...So, we sorta took over the pool but our big, loud group tends to do that!  We made another trip down to the beach that evening and then headed back to the house to cook dinner.  This year, we decided that every couple would have their own night to plan and cook dinner.  Robby and I had the first night; we made steaks, shrimp, snapper for me and baked potatoes.  Robby and Justin had gone to a fresh seafood market that day and I must say that my fish was delicious.  I forgot to snap pictures of our meal, but I remembered for the next night, which was Justin and Sarah's.  Justin bought some fresh flounder at the seafood market, along with crab meat.  For his meal, he prepared flounder stuffed with a crab meat dressing (mine had a mushroom dressing since I am shellfish allergic...), fresh green beans sauteed in garlic and a parmesean rossotto.  Robby made two lemon icebox pies for dessert...OH, and Ryan and Allison made it in just in time for dinner!

Tonight is David and Codi's night to cook...I can't WAIT to see what we're having!

Well, the guys just got back from golfing and BELIEVE ME...They had an adventure today, but that little tale will have to wait until tomorrow.  So, tune in then to see what "My Big, Fat Family" has been up to...

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  1. OK - your post title freaked me out a little. I thought maybe it was a new baby announcement. I had to count really quickly to make sure. Just everybody in town! Have fun!