Enjoying The Sand, Surf And A Little Late Night Crabbing!

Thursday morning we all got up and headed to the beach; this was going to be a sand, sun and surf day for our crew!  We had only previously been going out to the beach in the evenings so what a surprise to see how BIG the waves were this particular morning.  That, however, did not deter us; the morning found us riding the waves and making sand creations...

After hitting the beach, we decided to eat a little lunch, get cleaned up and head to town...It was to the Outlet Mall this day.  Every year, Robby treats us all to something on our "shopping day" and this year it was new tennis shoes at the Nike Store!  Everyone left there with a new spring in their step.  The thing Parker like most about the Outlet Mall was the rides!  It seemed that at every corner there was a new one for her to ride.  She picked up a rider on this particular one...

And our stop a the yogurt shop was another favorite!

                                                SO many choices...And I LOVE them ALL!

                                                       YAY!  New Nike's for everyone!

Upon returning home, it was Caitlin and Kevin's night to prepare dinner.  Now, if one knows Caitlin, they know that she is NOT to be out done.  She and Kevin had planned an oriental dinner.  The first item we were to enjoy would be chicken lettuce wraps, followed by a fried, spicy chicken and fried rice.  Oh...and we also had Fortune Cookies for dessert (I was REALLY impressed!).

After dinner, Robby decided that we should walk down to the beach and do something that we had not done since our kids were small...look for sand crabs!

Next, although it was almost 11:00, we decided to resume our game of Mexican Train Dominoes, with Robby silently monitoring attitudes close by.

Since we went shopping today, we decided to postpone our family beach pictures until Friday morning...I know, we are just putting off the drama that is sure to come along with that little activity.

This evening will be Ryan and Allison's night to prepare dinner...I can't WAIT to see what our next yummy meal will be!

Tune in tomorrow to see what else happens on our BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION!

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