GREAT... I Swallowed My Teeth!!!

OK...well, the plan was to get my hair done on Friday, followed by a nice massage before I had to drive to the beach.  All of my errands were supposed to be done, along with my packing.  HOWEVER, in the midst of running the last of those errands, something ABSOLUTELY CRAZY happened...I swallowed my teeth!

I suppose I should explain.  As most of you know, I have undergone 2 surgeries so far, preparing for my dental implants.  During the course of these surgeries, the prothodontist made a temporary partial for me to wear.  When I had my stitches removed last week, he told me that I could eat on that side when the soreness wore off and the temporary partial was then put back in.  While putting it in, he explained that it could possibly come loose at some point during the next five months but not to worry; it could easily be put back in., I wasn't too worried about that.  Until today, that is!

Ryan, Parker and I were dashing around town running those errands and when I looked up it was 1 O'clock and we were getting hungry.  I ran in Subway and got Ryan and me sandwiches and  headed to McDonald's to get Parker chicken nuggets.  I was eating my sandwich as I drove to the post office when suddenly...I SWALLOWED MY TEETH!!!

I had taken a bite of my sandwich and realized a little too late that my partial had come out in the bread and I had swallowed it!  I FREAKED OUT, screaming.  This made Parker begin to cry and Ryan was laughing hysterically.  I was in shock, panicking, while Ryan (my future dentist...) was assuring me that "people swallow things all the time".  Yes, but NOT ME!!!  I called Robby (who was out of town...) to tell him about it and he wasn't panicked either...What was WRONG with these people?!  He calmly told me to call my prothodontist and tell him and he was sure he could make me another one before our trip.  OK...but what about the other one I swallowed?  "Oh, you will 'pass' that", he said (ugh!  Did I hear a snicker in his voice?)

So, I called my doctor and when the receptionist answered, I told her I had a "little problem"; I had swallowed my partial.  She also very calmly told me that it was alright.  I wondered if people swallowed those things all the time.  "Really?", I said.  She then told me she would put the doctor on so he could "reassure" me (hmph!).  He answered by saying, "It tastes better with a little Tony's on it!" Apparently EVERYBODY is a comedian.  Then he told me not to worry about the one I swallowed.  I could either come back and have another one made on Friday or wait until I got back from the beach.  I told him I would just wait.  OK...I don't know what I was thinking.  Yes, I do; I had a hair appointment planned for Friday...and a massage.  I walked into the post office and when I returned, I told Ryan I had changed my mind.  I called the office back and told them the same thing and made an appointment to have a new temporary made.

And so, that is how the "Best laid plans go awry".  Instead of having a relaxing day before I have to drive for hours, I get to drive 2 hours to get a new partial made and put in my mouth and then drive 2 hours back.  Hmmm...let's see where the silver lining is in that cloud.  I guess, it is the fact that I didn't choke on the thing and I will at least have teeth;  even if I might have a few roots showing!

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