So, What About That Wedding Cake?!

Do you remember when I wrote that post way back in the fall about Caitlin's potential wedding cake?  Remember how her dad thought that he was "quite capable" of making the cake himself?  Well, not to worry...we didn't allow him to do that.  Although the day we were visiting with the caterers at the club, I heard him instruct them to have a 3rd table set up, that there would be  an extra cake.  At this point, I did not even attempt to reply.  For you see, I have actually learned something over the years...If I tell my precious husband that he "can't" do something, well...he will just make a very special effort to prove to me that he can.

Our search for the "Perfect Cake" ended with a local woman and her very talented baking skills; Jamie, at the Cake Barn, located in Pineville, Louisiana.  When Caitlin and I met with Jamie, we had already seen LOTS of photos of her cakes floating around town.  All I can say is...They were ALL gorgeous and very impressive!  Caitlin already had a picture of what she wanted her cake to look like and as you all know, Caitlin detailed the wedding to death; I KNEW this cake had to be "perfect"!  Jamie simply looked at the picture that we gave her and began her calculations.  When she was finished, we were so happy with her quote that we decided to add 2 more layers to the cake to make it an even MORE impressive centerpiece of the wedding reception! 

And so, we decided on this lovely 7 tier cake, that would have smooth butter cream frosting, hundreds of gum paste flowers and 2 sculpted blue birds sitting on the cake.  To finish things off, in keeping with Caitlin's vintage/rustic theme, we had a huge tree stump cut that the cake would sit upon.  Now, THAT would make a striking first view into the reception hall!

The cake is the last thing to go in at the wedding reception so, although I trusted Jamie to do a great job, I was just worried about that cake all day.  We had worked so hard on the entire wedding and reception, putting those vintage touches everywhere and the cake would be what everyone saw when they entered the building.  After the ceremony, I happened to pick up my phone on the way to the country club and found a message waiting for me on there.  It was from Jamie who said the cake was set up and looked beautiful! 

I couldn't wait to walk into the reception to not only see everything lit up and get the full effect of our day long efforts, but I was anxious to see the wedding cake as well.  And BOY, was I ever impressed!  Here's what I saw...

 The cake was PERFECT in every way!  People were standing around commenting on what a beautiful cake this was and THEN...we cut it.  I cannot tell you how many people are STILL telling me what a DELICIOUS cake we had at the wedding.  White almond flavored, with a strawberry filling, this cake was the most moist cake I have ever tasted!  HEY!  and let's not forget the Groom's Cake.  People were swooping down on both tables to get their fill of BOTH cakes...

 Kevin had chosen this picture for his Groom's Cake.  Since he had just graduated from medical school and was planning on doing an ER residency, this cake was perfect for him.  And what was the flavor inside?  His favorite, of course...RED VELVET!  I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious this cake was...MOIST, MOIST, MOIST!

Everything and everyone who worked on Caitlin's wedding were from the Dallas, Texas area.  Her dress was purchased in Dallas, alterations were in Dallas, the wedding coordinator/floral designer was from Dallas, the photographer was from Dallas...Someone asked me why were just weren't having the wedding in Dallas.  Simple answer...We are from Louisiana!  The Cakes were the only thing that we got right here locally and I must say that decision was a GREAT one!  Thanks so much, Jamie for "Putting the Icing on the Cake" for our wedding,  so to speak!

If you get a chance, check out Jamie's Facebook page to see more of her fabulous creations:  The Cake Barn.

P.S.  Also check out my new "sister blog":  This is a blog where Caitlin and I will be writing back and forth and sharing photos during her 5 years in Cleveland, Ohio.

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