There's No Place Like The River...

We decided to stay at our lake house this weekend to just relax and unwind a bit.  Caitlin and Kevin had left for Cleveland yesterday and this was the place I needed to be.  This entire week it has been unseasonably cool here in the south, so I started my day out on the back porch with a cup of coffee.  The river was still and the only sound that could be heard was the birds chirping their morning song.  I love it here...

Robby had a great suggestion right off the bat.  He went to gas the boat up and told me we were going to take a ride into town since the fresh open air market was this weekend.  We loaded up, sprayed the sunscreen on and headed out.  On the way, we stopped to pick up Parker Ann and Sarah...

Parker Ann was all set for the boat ride, wearing her Dora the Explorer life jacket, sunglasses and rain boots!

We docked down by the market and quickly began to search out our favorite fruits and veggies to purchase and take back home with us.

                                                     Parker Ann and her Uncle Ryan Poo!

                   Sarah beat the rest of us to this stand, looking for a fresh peach to eat right away!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch!  We headed over to Lasyone's where some of us ordered Nachitoches Meat Pies and even a crawfish pie...

We couldn't resist taking a walk through the toy store downtown either...

No, the guys are not playing with this toy train...Parker apparently took the track apart and they are trying to put it back together (oops!)

                  OK...So I suppose Parker has found what she wants Ya Ya to buy her for her birthday!

After our morning downtown, we headed back to our lake house for a little movie and an afternoon nap.  They say, "There's no place like home".  Well, "There's no place like home or the river".

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  1. We went to that market the last time we were in Natchitoches, about a month ago. Love it. Fun to go by boat too. Great welcome to the lake sign, where did you find that? Also, wonderful idea for letters to Caitlin. You know that is going to make her veryyyyyy homesick.