Poppi And Parker Ann Catch A Fish!

After Caitlin and Kevin left I must admit I was feeling a bit weepy.  Thankfully, I was not able to dwell on missing Caitlin because Parker Ann came to spend the day with me.  Robby had planned to work but at the last minute got a call and didn't have to go in, so he had the most wonderful plan; a plan to take his grand daughter to catch her very first fish!

Parker is talking up a storm now and repeating everything we say, so when I mentioned going fishing with Poppi, that was all she could talk about.  The first thing we had to do was to change her into a cute little pair of overalls and lather her up with sunscreen...

Next, we got her Dora the Explorer life jacket on (Did I mention that she is currently in LOVE with Dora?!) and head down to the dock...

Parker was so excited to get on the boat that we could hardly hold her back!

Then, off we went to catch a fish; Poppi, Ya Ya and Uncle Ryan.

Poppi showed her the cork and told her to watch it carefully; it would go under the water when they had a fish on their line.  And when that line went under, Poppi let her hole the pole and help reel in her fish!

                                           Watching Uncle Ryan put a cricket on his line.

She was happy to catch that little fish, but she sure didn't want to keep it or any of the others that Poppi and Uncle Ryan caught, saying, "Water", which meant she wanted you to throw it back in the water so she could watch it swim away.

What a great way to spend a lazy day at our lake house.  What had started out as a very sad day for me had turned into something joyful with my grand daughter.  There's just something about grandkids...They have this magical ability to put a smile on your face every time you're with them!

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