When I Get Lonesome, I Will Sniff The Lemon Spray...

This post about "Lemon Spray" should go under the heading of "A Few of my Favorite Things".  Years ago, I got really hooked on using L'Occitane's Verbena line of products.  No matter whatever other fragrance they might come out with, I just can't get enough of the lemon scented, verbena line.

Every time I visit any large city where a L'Occitane can be found, my family knows that I will be stopping in to stock up on my verbena products; bath gel, lotion and lemon spray.  When I emerge from a long soak in the tub, Robby, sniffing deeply,  comments on how I permeate the room with my lemon fragrance.  I never thought much about smelling like this citrus fruit until Caitlin told me that she had bought herself a bottle of that very same lemon spray on her honeymoon.

Although, Caitlin and I have purposely not been talking about her move to Ohio, it has certainly been right there in the back of both of our minds.  That's why when she mentioned buying the exact lemon spray I use, I was taken aback a bit.  She told me that when she saw the L'Occitane store, she insisted that Kevin go in with her.  She went straight to the verbena (lemon...) spray, told him that was what I used and purchased a bottle of it.  This was a big concession for her; that spray isn't cheap and she had put herself on a "honeymoon budget".  He thought that she had bought it as a gift for me and became confused when he saw her spraying herself with it the next day.  "NO!  This isn't for my mom...It's for me, so whenever I get homesick, I can just spray myself and it will be like my mom is here".  OH...sad moment; why did she have to say that?  At that same moment, she informed me that she had taken a pair of my pajama pants as well (good to know...); between the lemon spray and pajama pants she felt she would be covered in her mama's presence.

And so this week as I have enjoyed having my daughter here with me for a final week before her move north, I have continued to watch her pack and prepare for this new chapter of her life...with sadness, of course.  I remember when I gave birth to her, thinking about how much fun it was going to be having a daughter.  Oh, not that the boys weren't "fun"; it's just that they couldn't do all of the "girl things" that I would want someone to do with me over the years.  We have shopped and lunched, gone to movies, had our hair and nails done together.  This daughter of mine has become a best friend to me over the years.  I know already that we will not only be burning the phone lines and mail service up, but I will be stocking up on those frequent flier miles.  Ohio is a long way from here.  Five years...I keep telling myself that really isn't too long. But between those times we see each other we will rely on the "lemon spray".


  1. Tear, I will be thinking about you all tomorrow. The twins have names Hadley McKee and Layton Aaron.

    Hadley and Layton! Honey Hadley and Lady Layton!

  2. LOVE the names! Caitlin and I read about them on Ann Marie's blog; can't wait for you to become a LaLa!!!