Not Wanting To Say Good-Bye To The Beach And My Family...

Friday was to be our last day of vacation.  I always get sad at the end of our family vacation because, although there is LOTS of noise and often times drama, it is strangely comforting to have all of my offspring under one roof.

As planned, we all got up, got dressed and headed out to the beach for our family beach photos...

                                        Parker Ann watched as Ca Ca put her make-up on

                                                                       Caitlin and Kevin
                                                                      Robby and Me
                                                                Justin, Sarah and Parker
                                                                        David and Codi
                                                                        Ryan and Allison
                                                                             The Girls!
                                                                          The Guys!

My BIG, FAT Family!
Poppi, Ya Ya and Parker Ann

Tropical Storm Debby was kicking up some pretty rough waves out there on the beach so we decided to hit the pool for pretty much the entire rest of the day!  When we finally drug ourselves out of the pool, Ryan and Allison were already preparing our dinner for the evening.  We would be eating early since David and Codi had to leave around 7.  David had to start his residency the next day in New Orleans...sadly, our family vacation was already breaking up.

Ryan and Allison did not disappoint us with dinner on this final evening either.  They prepared fried pork chops (a stuffed chicken breast for me...), garlic asparagus, home made macaroni and cheese, rice consume' and banana's foster for dessert!  

 WOW!  I was impressed by ALL of the meals that were prepared this week.  Although our tummies were full after this delicious meal, we headed back out for a walk on the beach to search for sand crabs one last time.  Upon returning, Caitlin, Sarah and I sat down to finish the game of Mexican Train Dominoes that we had been playing all week long.  Our group had dwindled down quite a bit from that first night but we three still had fun.

This year's family vacation had been a great one and I was definitely sad to see it come to an end. There is one thing that I once again realized; it doesn't matter where we go because it isn't about where in this world we are if we are with the ones we love.  We are family...a BIG, FAT, LOUD group of individuals and no matter how far apart we may live, we are always close within each other's hearts.  I feel blessed to have had ALL of my children together this year for our annual vacation.  Eleven of my most favorite + one big house + the sand and sun=  WONDERFUL MEMORIES!

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