Sneaux In The South...REALLY?!

When my 85 year old mother told me two days ago that we were going to get snow (or sneaux, as we in the south here like to spell it; we end most words with "eaux"...), I questioned her and laughed under my breath.  "Where did you hear that?", I asked, while googling "weather" on my trusty i-phone.  She informed me that the local weatherman had made that prediction, at which I laughed even more, while reading that there was a 0% chance of precipitation for the following day.  I got up the next morning and I must admit that the temperatures were pretty chilly outside and the sky was overcast...that meant nothing.  We NEVER get snow in this part of Louisiana.

I ran most of my errands and headed home, saving the last few and my trip to the nail shop for Friday.  I couldn't get warm so I poured myself something warm to drink, turned the television on and pulled out my knitting project.  Later, I got a text message from my oldest son.  It was a picture of him at work...and it was snowing.  OK, he was about 45 minutes north of where I lived and it's not unheard of to have a few snowflakes in northern Louisiana.  I walked to the door where I noticed that it had started to rain.  Great!  All snow means down here in the south is that it is going to sleet, ice over, the schools and main interstate leading into town will be closed (since southerners do NOT know how to drive in the "white stuff"), the power lines will get heavy with the ice and the electricity will go out.  JOY.

Hubby and I ate our dinner, we Face timed with David and Beckett, continued to watch television and I desperately tried to catch up on some knitting orders.  That's when this video arrived on my phone...
Parker Ann lives only 45 minutes north of me and she had this much snow?!  Perhaps I should get up and go look outside.  I had only assumed it was still raining with an icy mix but this is what I found...

 I said, "Robby, you need to come see this; it's snow, not ice!"  He got out of his recliner and walked over to the door, surprised to see the "white stuff" as well.  Before we went to bed, I moved the cat into the garage and noticed that it was still coming down pretty hard out there.  I wondered what the next day would be like; I still had a few errands to run...OH, and I still needed to get my  nails done!

Upon waking this morning, I gently pulled my curtain back to see what it looked like outside...
WOW!  There was LOTS of "white stuff" everywhere.  I was pleasantly surprised that no icicles could be found hanging from the power lines and we still had our electricity.  And I also knew what this meant for the children of Louisiana...A MAGICAL SNEAUX DAY OF FUN!

Granted, I'm still not a fan of cold weather and "long-term snow", however, "SNEAUX" is a totally different thing all together.  It is the thing that southern children dream of every winter and only "magically" receive once in a blue moon.  So, although I still have a few errands to run and really NEED to get my nails done, I will sit inside my warm house and catch up on things here until the "white stuff" melts.
                                     HAPPY SNEAUX DAY, CHILDREN OF THE SOUTH!


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