The Fishing Trip...

Poppi had promised Parker Ann a fishing trip the week before.  And this child does not forget anything.  That's why he received a text message Saturday night that said, "Parker Ann is looking forward to her fishing trip with Poppi tomorrow after church!"  And so it was that we went over to the river with her and let her fish off of a friend's dock.  Poppi and Parker fished...and I took my camera along to snap a few (OK...really more than a few) photos.  This is what our afternoon looked like...

 The day was actually quite beautiful, with temperatures close to 70 degrees.  The first thing I noticed when we arrived was the quiet and peacefulness of the area; I could get used to this.
        When we got on the dock, Poppi set about fixing his and Parker Ann's fishing poles.
She told him she wanted a pink bait because that was her favorite color and the fish liked pink.  Well, of course, he put a pink bait on her line!  
I thought it was really cool that boards could be removed from the dock so they could fish underneath it...where all the fish are supposed to be!
                                                               How about that pink rod?!
These two are pretty serious fishermen.  He's the quiet listener and she's the one who talks about the fish the entire time.
               Looking down that hole to see if she can see any fish swimming under there.
         And she kept telling me, "You have to be patient, YaYa.  You just have to be patient."
And patient she was...watching that little bobber.  Well, for at least a few seconds before reeling the line back in again.
Then, like any true fisherman, she asked Poppi to change her bait... to blue.  Because the fish would probably like blue now.  And he did it for her.  That's the great thing about Poppis.
                                       A little girl fishing with her Poppi.  Priceless memories.
Although no fish were caught, much fun and lots of memories were made that lazy afternoon.  Things that money can't buy.  Parker Ann said, "Poppi, we didn't catch one fish.  I guess we will just have to come back tomorrow."  And I'm sure we will return very soon for another fishing trip.

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