Sniffle, Sniffle, Cough, Cough...

Well, it happened.  We got our second snow here in the south in a week's time.  Yea, just when I was still trying to get over the snow we had last week, the temperatures dropped and I woke up to this...
Well, there is a reason I live in the south.  I LIKE it!  And who wouldn't?  Because you see, by Saturday the temperatures will rise again to 70.  Sadly enough though, I won't be here to enjoy all that sunshine and warmth.  I'm heading to the "Arctic Tundra" tomorrow, remember?  Oh, I will be excited to see my girls and am already planning on some fun things for us to do together.  Providing a blizzard doesn't snow us in.  And in that case, we might just have to turn the heat up to 90, put on our swimming suits and flip-flops and watch beach movies.  OK, I'm not your "traditional" grandmother; that's why I'm called YaYa!

Anyway, as this second snow approached here, I began to start with the "Sniffle, Sniffle, Cough, Cough".  This wasn't a good sign because I am asthmatic and going to an even colder climate might not have a positive effect on me.  David even called to ask, "Mom...Do you know what you are flying into?"  He then informed me that I had no idea how cold -15 degrees wind chill was; he had lived in Erie, Pennsylvania for a year.  I assured him that I had all the necessary items needed to get me through a week:  Asthma inhalers, nose spray, cough drops, eye drops, Bengay.  I told him that I thought I was prepared.  I could hear the snicker in his voice as he said, "No one is ever prepared for that kinda weather."

Well, I have almost finished packing at this point and am ready to hop on the airplane at 6 a.m. to head to see my baby girls.  I hope to post from there with photos, but I am taking my I-pad and still not sure how to get the photos to load up on my blog from the i-pad (please leave me a comment if you know how to).  I suppose I will just have to work with it and if I can't share them,  then I will just have to use my descriptive writing skills to bring you into my world of visiting the "Arctic Tundra" for a week!
                                                Yes...I did decide to pack my ski leggings!
New, knee high Uggs will be well worth the money; along with that Northface jacket I bought while up there last year.


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