Number 5 Has Arrived! Meet Olivia Ryan

I realize that I have been silent for a while but it is for some pretty good reasons.  First, my thyroid has gone crazy again along with a TMJ flare-up...yea, pretty crappy, huh?  BUT the real "GOOD"  thing that has had me busy is the arrival of our newest Grand, Olivia Ryan!  Born last Wednesday, (on her Aunt Sarah's birthday!)  weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long, this little one has already stolen our hearts!

                                                    Welcome to the world, Olivia Ryan!
Olivia came into this world with her little eyes open and quite alert.  I think she was ready to meet her mommy, daddy and entire BIG, FAT FAMILY.
This is such a precious picture of daddy and daughter looking into each others' eyes.  Daddy...The first man a girl falls in love with.
                              And then she got passed around so we could all check her out...
I love the way Poppi checks his new Grands out.  I have pictures of him holding each one this exact way.
Oh, the irony of a dentist's baby who comes out sucking her thumb (Insert big smile on YaYa's face here! He-He).
                                                        Their FIRST FAMILY PHOTO.
More girls means more BIG headbands and BOWS!  Notice her monogrammed swaddle blanket.  I bought it for her at Boco Baby.
                                                       Welcome to parenthood, Daddy.
 And, of course, I knitted a few things for sweet Olivia.  This is one of the Knitted Top Knot Hats in white.

                                   And this one in a pink multicolor is one of my favorites.
                                           Here she is wrapped up in the blanket I made.

Saturday was another big day that kept me busy.  I went to a friend's baby shower, Sarah's birthday celebration and then on to Natchitoches to spend the night and help out with our new little one.  Where once it wasn't that fun to get up in the middle of the night with your own babies, getting up with your Grands is quite different...
OK...Maybe not so different in the fact that you both fall asleep, BUT different in the fact that you don't actually mind.
We are SO EXCITED to add this precious new little one to our BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY!
                                                             Welcome, Olivia Ryan
                                        We already "Love you to the moon and back..."



  1. Congrats. She is truly adorable. I'm sure she's a huge blessing for your family too.

  2. congratulations all around welcome sweet angel to our world. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo