Snow For a Springtime Birthday Party (That's Just Not Right!)

Can you just say JET LAG?!  Hubby and I just made it back from a very quick trip to Ohio for Holli's second birthday party.  We arrived there on Thursday and got back home Monday and all I can say is...THAT is not SPRING up there!  The weeks and days before we left,  we were wearing shorts and enjoying 80 degree temperatures and sunshine.  When we packed we drug out our coats (pitiful as they are and totally NOT adequate for that climate), gloves, hats, boots and YES...we were definitely overweight at the airport (ugh!).  Not because we had a LOT of clothes packed but because of WHAT we packed.  Anyway I was  trying to be optimistic, telling Hubby that SURELY it wouldn't SNOW while we were there but as usual...HE WAS RIGHT.  As our plane landed, here is the gloomy skies that met us...
Ahhh, Cleveland, you welcome me with overcast skies and snow clouds.  In March no less.  Why should I expect anything else?! (Insert cringing face here with audible sigh...)

Trust me when I tell you that NO ONE wants to get out of their house in this weather.  And for sure, this southern girl would hibernate for the duration of these cold temperatures.  It would be safe to say that upon arrival I was immediately missing my shorts and flip-flops.
Well, I said no one wanted to get out in this snowy March weather but alas we did have to purchase things. Like FOOD!

But back to why we were there in the first place.  Easter Sunday is Holli's actual birthday this year and since her daddy only gets off ON Sunday, they decided to stay in Cleveland for Easter.  Well I couldn't NOT help one of my babies celebrate their birthday so I twisted Hubby's arm off, convincing him to go with me for just a few days.  And, although the weather really sucked, the visit was great and Holli was so excited to see us. 

The theme for Holli's 2nd birthday party was Minnie Mouse.  She is absolutely in LOVE with Minnie (Do I forsee another trip to Disney in our future?!) so everything was Minnie Mouse and colored in Pink and Black.
This Minnie was larger than Holli but she sure had a good time swinging her around and playing with her.

 Caitlin used this chalkboard to write some of Holli's favorite phrases from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show.
                                      She made this tulle skirt and banner for her high chair.
         The pink cake was purchased but Caitlin made the Minnie Mouse head out of chocolate.
 A smaller cake was also purchased for the party along with the little Birthday Plate that I bought for her.  It has a place for a candle and can be used for other birthday parties in the future.
                  Ahhh...Everybody has to sneak a taste of their birthday cake icing don't you think?!
                                               And there were also goodies for the adults.
                                                                        The CAKE...
                                                                      The SONG...
                                                                       The GIFTS...
                                                                    The FRIENDS...
                                                                      The PARTY...

It was cold outside but warm in our hearts as we watched Holli have such a great time at her party.  And now we move on to Easter.  The rest of the kids will be here for Easter Sunday and HEY...I don't think I have any eggs yet.  Or dye.  Or candy for that matter.  I better get myself up and outta here today and get ready for the rest of the crew!!!
                                                 HAVE A VERY BLESSED HOLY WEEK!

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