I Forgot How Much FUN Baking Could Be With An "Easy Bake Oven"

Whenever I started making my Christmas list in December,  the day I had anxiously been waiting for had finally arrived as I penned under Parker Ann's name:  EASY BAKE OVEN.  OK...So who remembers getting their very own Easy Bake Oven as a child?  Getting one of these was a right of passage, just like getting your first Barbie Doll or bicycle and I know that I might have been rushing things a bit as I looked at the age that was printed on the box but really...Parker Ann had been baking with me for most of her four years of life.  And, of course, I would be assisting in this "Easy Baking" experience and let's just be honest here for a minute...I WAS EXCITED!!

When the Easy Bake Oven was introduced in 1963,  over 500,000 little girls got one!  Cooking that was done by the heat of a light bulb on mini ovens that looked just like mom's and also came with its own little baking mixes put smiles on the faces of every little girl who received one.   I thought I was "Big Stuff" with my turquoise oven that made "My Size" cakes.  And I continued the tradition when Caitlin was about six years old by purchasing her one for Christmas.  I went a step further by also getting her an apron and chef's hat...
                                               Doesn't she look like the perfect little baker?
And, of course, she grabbed Ryan to come bake with her.  He was not only her buddy but a great taste tester too!

While Sarah had been busy with the new baby and moving from Natchitoches to Alexandria, she just hadn't had the time to pull Parker Ann's Easy Bake Oven out and bake with her.  So, when I asked to pick her up for the day to spend some time with her, she asked if I'd like to take the Easy Bake Oven to my house and bake with her.  Ummm...HECK YEH!

The Easy Bake Oven has changed its look over the years.  This hot pink modern one is the newest model. 
First, Parker had to get her step stool out and all of her baking utensils.  Then we added water to the first cookie mix and started rolling them into balls.
I took out one of my "fancy" plates to put the cookies on.  Because pink cookies really deserve to be served on a "fancy" plate.
Next, she mixed up the icing and yes...there was quite a bit of tasting (to make sure it tasted alright...) during this baking process.
She looked at them a moment and after thinking about it for a while said, "My mommy and daddy really don't like pink sugar cookies so I will eat these.  And give Poppi one.  I will save the chocolate chip ones for them."
                                       Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I really AM a good cook, Ya Ya!
And as fate would have it, before she knew it, she had eaten all three batches.  OK...she left one-half of a chocolate chip cookie for her parents.  You know how it is; those Easy Bake Cookies are SO DELICIOUS.  Not to mention pretty small.

Parker Ann and I had so much fun "Easy Baking" that day.  Over the decades, many toys have come and gone but I believe that the Easy Bake Oven will last forever because this is a life skill toy that little girls will never grow tired of.

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