Every Superhero Needs a Side Kick!

I have been waiting impatiently to share our good news...We are expanding our family again!  Grand Number 6 is due October 29th.  Here's the "Official Announcement", posed and cute...
While I have been waiting to share this good news with everyone I have received a few picture that I thought would also make  pretty good announcements...
                                                           Number 6's first photograph.
                                                    Or perhaps "See Baby Jarrell Grow".
                                                       Yep...Skinny girls show quickly.
Or my personal favorite!  Caitlin,  who got out of bed around 10 O'clock at night because she wanted an apple pie from McDonald's.  The first drive-thru she went to didn't have any.  I suppose that's why at the second one she drove away with 3 apple pies AND and an ice cream cone.  When asked where her husband and child were she replied, "At home in bed."  I inquired as to what Kevin said when she told him she was going out for this little late night craving and she said he told her to get him a chocolate shake if she was really going.  Oh Kevin...Please don't try to keep pace with her eating during pregnancy; you can't do it.  Trust me.

 And this one I truly love where sweet Holli is kissing her mommy's tummy saying, "Come here baby, let me kiss you."
       Yes, every Superhero needs a Sidekick and I think these two will be fabulous cohorts!

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