Spring, Easter and MY BIG, FAT FAMILY

It's officially spring and I LOVE that we are now having more warm days than cooler ones.  I LOVE that the days are longer and I can see the sun more each day.  I LOVE that because spring has arrived we will be swimming by the end of May, however, spring does not feel the same way about me.  Proof?  You want proof of that fact?  It is the color green.  No...I don't mean all of the new sprigs of grass popping up and trees blooming.  I mean that yucky green pollen that has me not only on antihistamines, nose sprays and ear drops but this year allergy shots also (ugh!).  I mean it really takes an effort to keep my eyes and nose from running constantly.  I look outside and it looks SO inviting but the minute I get out there for a few minutes the allergies flare up (Ka-Choo!).  This past weekend was Easter and it rained here in the south...which actually washed some of that pollen away but it also kept us inside with our BIG, FAT FAMILY.  To dye eggs.  And hunt them.

I enjoyed all of my kiddos and their kiddos (with the exception of Caitlin) being in for the holiday weekend and, of course, took quite a lot of photos.  I know that I'm running a little behind but I still wanted to share some of them with you...

Earlier in the week I met Allison in town to take Olivia to have her picture taken with the Easter Bunny for her very first Easter.
                                                  And Holli went to an egg hunt in Ohio.
                     Parker Ann and Beckett started Saturday off by decorating Easter cookies.
 Beckett was totally shocked that someone actually allowed him to climb on the step stool AND ice cookies and pour sprinkles on them.  I think he had a pretty good time!
                                      It was definitely a "sweet" kinda holiday around here
         We waited until later in the day to dye our eggs so all of the adults could enjoy it too.
    And, although Holli could not be here with us, Caitlin sent us a picture of her dying her eggs too.
Uncle Dave (along with the rest of us) spent time rocking the little babies (Lila Kate left, Olivia right).
          We all went to church on Sunday and I got photos of ALL of us (One happy YaYa here!)
                                                   And my Ohio baby went to church there...
   It poured rain here all day on Easter but that didn't stop these two from hunting eggs...INSIDE!

At the end of the day and weekend, Poppi and YaYa were able to say that "Life is Good"...
Celebrating our risen Lord, the beginning of spring, children and grandchildren...It really is a good life.

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