Parking It At the PARK

Sarah had a hair appointment and asked if I would mind watching Lila Kate.  Quick to answer, "YES!" because I just can't get enough of the Grands, I was even quicker to formulate a plan in case of fussiness.  I checked the weather and it said no rain was expected and that put a smile on my face because I now had a plan!

You see, the Grands are coming really quicker than I can keep up with and each and every precious one has their own little personality.  Some are loud and showy, some are quiet and sneaky, and  some are laid back,  but there's one thing for sure...most come into this world trying to figure it out and get adjusted.  And in the process of doing that...they cry.  And THAT is exactly why it is good to have a "plan".

Since Justin and Sarah have moved back to Alexandria, they are within walking distance of a park.  And I love this little park with the walking track, playground, benches, shade trees and bird sanctuary.  I love the fact that one can walk or sit and just enjoy the quiet.  And I know another thing or two about what babies like.  Most of them like to go for a stroll and if you are very lucky, they will not cry and may even take a nap.  And THAT was my "plan".
 By the time I was on the sidewalk to head over to the park Lila Kate was snoozing.  I walked straight over to the bird sanctuary.
 I was prepared for our little outing that day and brought my Kindle, a knitting project and snack along.
As I sat there and knitted, I realized how peaceful it was out there.  No noises...except the birds.  And Lila Kate's soft snoring.  Both,  which I liked very much.

Sitting there quietly, I began to ponder what has happened to our world.  It was a much simpler place whenever I was growing up.  Not much television and no cell phones or computers for sure.  I sat around reading, coloring or playing with my toys.  Jigsaw puzzles, books and dolls were my world.  And it was serene.  And as I sat there, I vowed to do this more often; unplug and enjoy the peacefulness of just being quiet.
This sweet baby appeared to enjoy it too because she took over a two hour nap nestled snugly in her stroller.  Yep...this is the life and I can assure you I will be "parking it at the park" a whole lot more in my future.

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