From New Orleans to Miami and Back: Part 2

As I said, getting out of Louisiana when we did was a pretty good idea since rain was coming in and LOTS of it.  We took a plane out of New Orleans and by the afternoon we were looking out of our room window at this...

                                      Now, I'll say this is MUCH better than the rain any day!

We stayed at a different hotel this time, The Tides.  It is located on Ocean and there is a lot of activity around this area since the land is owned by the city right there.  The rooms were great; comfortable and cozy...

This trip we also brought some friends along with us to do a little Peacock Bass fishing again...
The day started off nice and sort of cool, but unfortunately it got a little too hot for me after a while and I actually dehydrated and spent the rest of the day trying to recoup.  Still, it was a lot of fun catching those fish!

That evening, I was rested and feeling a little better so we all went out to eat dinner at Espanola Way.  I love this little historic area that has the look of Cuba.  The outdoor dining is just as wonderful as the food.  We ate at Havana 1957 which is a restaurant that serves Cuban food...OH MY GOODNESS HOW YUMMY!

The next morning I was feeling MUCH better and hydrated so Hubby and I set out to do a little walking around when suddenly everyone wanted to go bike riding.  There are Citi Bikes all around the city for rental and it really is a good way to see the city.  However, I prefer just staying on the boardwalk because getting on the road with cars just freaks me out a little bit.  And I specifically let that be known.  But do you think that mattered much?!  Apparently not,  because after a short while of enjoying the boardwalk, I followed our little group right out into the road (Yikes!)

  This big smile was before I knew we were gonna be riding in the road!  And, Yes, I put some bottled water in that handy little basket. 

Even with all of the fishing and bike riding and running around Miami,  I DID get to do my favorite thing while there...You've got it; just lay on South Beach, listen to the waves roll ashore, read a little bit and, of course, people watch.

                                                       Yep...Here's my "Happy Place"!

This trip was a busy, short little trip but I enjoyed the get-away very much and am excited to say that I will actually be returning next week for a little longer stay with my Ohioans!  Years ago, when Caitlin was only a junior in high school, she and I started going to Miami during spring break each year.  There were a couple of years that we missed here and there; the semester she spend in Washington, D..C., the year she got married and since having Holli, we haven't thought she would be old enough to enjoy a beach trip to Miami.  But this is the year to resurrect our "Miami Girls' Trip" and I can't wait!

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