Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

Don't you just love the classics?  Like Peter Pan and Pinocchio and, of course, Alice in Wonderland? I can remember reading these books as a child and some of those books still sit upon my bookshelf.  Oh, it was the age before the I-Pad and cable T.V.  An era where one could find a child curled up in a chair reading about a fantasy world far away.  I'm so glad that Mr. Disney decided to make these classics into movies that younger children could enjoy long before they possessed the skills to read the stories themselves.  Now, I must admit that most 2 year olds aren't too interested in the classics, however, our little Holli Bug just loves them.  And her most favorite of all is Alice in Wonderland.

With Alice being her favorite movie character, it was no surprise that Caitlin would choose the Wonderland theme for her 3rd birthday party.  In an earlier post I shared with you about my knitting her an Alice doll which I hoped to have finished by party time.  Well, I worked steadily on her and she was indeed completed!

Holli's "real" birthday was April 5th, however, the party was planned on Easter weekend so the entire family could be here to help her celebrate.  Today I will share with you this magical party idea and how it came to life...
                             Jessieandthejabberwock is responsible for this adorable invitation.
 Lots of the beautiful decorations on the birthday table were provided by Instagram shops that Caitlin collaborates with on projects (Yes, I will include the names of those shops!) Glamfete provided the metallic "3" and tassel balloons.  You can find this shop on Instagram.

 You can see that some of my antique china was used for the Mad Tea Party.   Those cute napkins were provided by selfishnecessities and the little "Drink Me" bottles are from lovefiesta.  You can find both shops on Etsy and Facebook.
 The cake was made locally by Amanda Rose Newell who can be found on Facebook.  It was simply a butter cream ruffle cake that had a strawberry filling.  Caitlin picked up some fresh flowers to place atop it and the cute little water colored Alice was provided by dustyroseaffair who can be found on Instagram.
 Those precious "Queen of Hearts" sugar cubes came from nerdsugarshop.  She can also be found on Instagram.  The stackable serving plate was made out of antique plates and candleholders.
Here are more sugar cubes by nerdsugarshop and you will continue to see these adorable watercolor decorations by dustyroseaffair on the table.
 And what would a tea party be without a silver service?  This one was provided by Holli's great-grandmother and fit perfectly in with the party theme.
Here you can see the Alice doll I spent so much time knitting.  I can say that it was well worth it because Holli absolutely loved her!
Before the party, Caitlin took Holli down to the lake by our house to snap a few birthday photos.  Aren't they just precious?

And Holli's cousin, Beckett,  dressed so cute for the party as well.  They look like they just stepped out of a storybook!  Caitlin had sweetboutons (On Instagram) make this little Alice dress for the party.
And this Alice hairpiece she is wearing is from one of my FAVORITE shops on Instagram, giddyupandgrow.  
    Holli jumped up in her chair ready for some cake...But first we had to sing the Birthday Song.
                                                        Which apparently she hated...

                  Oh well, I guess that's OK...It's her birthday and she'll cry if she wants to.

All in all it was a wonderful party and MANY thanks go out to everyone who helped make this such a magical day!  It's difficult to believe that this little chunk of spunk is already 3.  You are so much fun and definitely bring a smile to YaYa's face.  I cannot wait to see what wonderful things life has in store for you!

***If you are not familiar with Instagram then you should go download that app on your phone and start exploring.  There are so many wonderful moms out there who are trying to stay at home with their children while making a living using their creative skills.***

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  1. This is precious...cute kids and cute idea! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!