Cute Clothes Trump Poor Golfing Skills EVERY DAY!

Well, although I have been in Miami for a week now, I have not been able to find a minute to spare to write.  I've been up to my eyeballs in golfing and I'm not going to lie to has broken me down like a cheap suitcase!

Imagine the scene:  Three seasoned golfers (and by seasoned, I mean having played golf at all during the last 20 years) taking me...a girly-girl who doesn't care much for the heat unless there's a pool nearby...golfing for three days.  I'll just tell you right now it isn't a pretty sight.

Day one found us getting up early to head out to the golf course.  I can't tell you how many holes I played because I skipped so many.  And around hole 14, I HIT A WALL.  Yep...there was no food in the cart, it was hot and we didn't get finished playing until 3.  Didn't eat until 4.  It wasn't a good day for me.  
Don't I look absolutely thrilled to be there?!  And this is BEFORE we started playing.  I refused to take another photo afterwards because I looked like I had been in a war zone.
The course was beautiful, however, all sorts of creatures kept trying to join me in the cart.  I think this little fellow just sat by the water to laugh at the humans who hit their balls in there.
                                                         I think these babies wanted food.
    I heard somewhere smoking a stogie while golfing helped your game; it was worth a try!
                     (NO...I'm not really smoking.  It just looked like a good photo opp.)

Day two found us getting up to meet our fishing guide at 7 a.m.  CRAP!  But I was prepared for Day two.  I had food, drinks and some reading material...I was set!  I actually caught the first fish...
And then settled in for a nap.  And read some.  And ate.  All in all, it was a much better day for me.
That night, however, I had to plan for the next day's golfing adventure.  First and foremost, I was going to dress cute.  Because dressing cute trumps EVERYTHING ELSE.  Next, I would make sure I had some food in that cart so I didn't hit the wall again.  And finally, I was determined to either play a scramble with Hubby or only attempt to play nine holes.  As fate would have it, deciding to play only nine holes would not be an issue as I learned what "turtle-back" green were (sigh...).  ALL of the greens on this course were humped up and hills...thus the name "turtle-backs".  I'll admit it was pretty frustrating but the weather was nice and cool because of the wind AND I knew when to throw the towel in for the day.  After nine holes, I sat in the cart and read a magazine I had picked up in the ladies locker room.
See how cute my outfit is?  And if you look closely, you can see that I'm wearing matching earrings too!
After our second day of golf, I didn't feel like was a better golfer but I felt like I had survived better that day.

We had one day of golf left and I was pretty much done.  Let's face it, one day of golf for a non-golfer is a lot.  For everyone involved.  However, I must say that everyone in my group was very encouraging and positive.  Heck, someone had to be positive because I sure wasn't!

The plan for me this third day would be the same; I would not push myself to the point of frustration or exhaustion.  The weather was still windy and nice and we decided to play later in the day, teeing off at 2 p.m.  THIS, I found did the trick!  It was later in the day, I had eaten two meals and actually had the stamina to play 17 holes. me it started off rough again for me, but as the afternoon went on I found I didn't actually HATE golf any more.
                 Here I am, picture taken before our round, rockin' my cute golf outfit for the day.
This was STILL the best thing I had seen all day!  I felt like singing that song, "I Will Survive", but changing the words to "I Did Survive".

Our friends left Tuesday morning and I woke up and stepped out onto our balcony to this beautiful view...
                                       It was either going to be a beach or spa day for me!

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