I love Easter time.  It is when the weather turns warmer, the birds begin to sing and I can hear the frogs serenade me outside my window every night.  It's also a time when school is out for a week and all the kiddos head home for Easter weekend.  This year was no different and boy did I have some fun stuff planned.  What I didn't have planned was that nasty tummy bug that got all of us (ugh...).  However, we didn't let that keep us down for more than a day or two and we were back in business for a Fun Family Easter Weekend!

The original plan had been to dye eggs on Good Friday and have Holli's birthday party festivities on Saturday.  Due to us being sick, we had to move everything to Saturday.  NO PROBLEM!  We waited until later in the afternoon (Thank you, Daylight Savings Time...) to boil the eggs and get the dye ready.  In the meantime the kids got to play with sidewalk chalk and chase butterflies...
 Beckett brought his butterfly net and bought Holli one for her birthday.  These two ran around chasing butterflies for quite some time.

 And everyone...Big and small enjoyed playing with the sidewalk chalk.  Someone drew this hop-scotch for the kids to play on.
                                                    Lila Kate even got in on the drawing...
                                                           Live played on the slide...
                                       While Holli and Beckett had fun swinging together.
After dying Easter eggs, every kids could be found with nothing on but a diaper or underwear.  These are the pictures that they will try to hide from us when they are teenagers (He-He!).
                        You might lose the clothes but don't lose the bow for goodness sake!

                    Hair bows and necklaces...They've still got the really important things on!
 And the little babies?  Well, Grayson pretty much just sleeps right now.  He's wearing a cute little outfit that used to be his daddy's on this particular day.
And Andrew?  Andrew was simply enjoying the warm weather here in Louisiana.  He put his shades on and took his shoes off!

Sunday morning found us all rushing off to Easter Sunday church service and then back home for our Easter fish fry.  Hubby always makes sure he has been fishing and has plenty of fish tucked away in the freezer just for Easter Sunday.

After lunch, the kids were ready to hunt some Easter eggs.  This year we hid both boiled and plastic eggs.  I decided that it would be fun to give each kid a specific color of plastic candy egg so they could look for their color without anyone else all the eggs up.
   Here they are filing out of the house with their baskets, chomping at the bit to find their eggs!

                       And then it was time to crack some of those eggs open and eat them!

And, as if we weren't having enough fun already, Aunt Sarah bought 2 dozen Confetti Eggs for the kids (and adults...) to crack on each others' heads!

                                           I'm so glad we took this picture the day before...

                           Because I knew that Sunday the picture taking would look like this...
                            Turn around, Beckett...Look up Holli...Oops, you're blocking YaYa...
                         Get up, Beckett...Hey, where are you going Holli?  Everybody look here...
                                  Hey, Hey, Lila Kate is on the move...Where are you going?
OK, just look here...snap, snap, snap...OK, Mom, I took a bunch so you can decide which ones you want...

It was a wonderful Easter; stomach virus, 17 people, chaos and all.  Our BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and that is what Easter is really about anyway.  Family Fun is just a bonus.  Christ First...Family Second.

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