It's Time For My Summer Trip To Ohio

Caitlin and Kevin have just one year left in Ohio.  I can't believe I'm finally saying that because when they moved there four years ago it sounded like forever.  We have put a lot of sky miles into play with all of these mile between us because if she's not traveling here every 6-8 weeks, I'm traveling there.  With the exception of winter.  I still hate those Ohio winters so I tend to travel there in the fall and summer...when it's still hot here and I can actually get outside without melting.  Well, this is the week for my summer travel there and this time I'm taking a little traveling buddy with me; Parker Ann!

I have been promising her all year long that I would take her with me on my next trip, which I thought would be during Mardi Gras in February, however, Caitlin decided to visit us during that time so here we are...A summer trip to Ohio with my oldest Grand!

Parker will be six years old in August and going to the first grade.  WOW how time flies!  I can't believe she's that old; it seems like just yesterday I was sitting here longing for grandkids and thinking that I might not have any.  That was actually 7 (with another on the way...) grandkids ago (only six years!).  I believe this is the perfect age to take one of the kids to travel with me for several different reasons:  First, they can tell you exactly what they want.  Second, they are not still in diapers.  Third, they are used to spending the night away from home for several days and you know they're not going to cry at night.

Parker has been counting down the days until we leave and is SO EXCITED to fly with YaYa and get to play with Holli and Andrew for an entire week.  But watch out mommy and daddy...She might be totally spoiled rotten when we return!

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