Street Festival in Crocker Park

I love traveling and visiting cities that have farmer's markets or street festivals on the weekends. It's a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy some music, food, games and interesting vendors with your family and friends. Saturday was such a day here in Ohio as we set out for a street festival in Crocker Park. 

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that Crocker Park is one of my favorite spots to shop, eat and just hang out while visiting Caitlin. There are shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, splash pad and outdoor seating where you can watch your kids run around in the grass. So, once we found out that Saturday would be a street festival there it was in our plans to go!
First on the agenda was getting lunch. As we walked down the street we noticed that lots of food trucks were out so we ordered off of them for the adults and got the girls hot dogs and pizza. 
                          Because they were chomping at the bit to get to the splash pad!
   When the water would go off for a few minutes, they would run over to grab a bite of food. 
                                  And Poppi found some caramel corn to share with them.
It was pretty hot for Ohio that day so after Andrew splashed in the water for a while he just chilled in his stroller with some apple juice. 
We promised the girls a treat if they would allow us to shop around for a little while. They were SO GOOD...thanks to a little help from the I-Pads!
     So their treat was delivered. A promise of ice cream does the trick all (or most) of the time!

Poppi stayed an extra day and we spent it in Beachwood shopping. He flew out this morning...the day that the temperature dropped again (High 77!). I think we might go back to Crocker Park for some more fun this afternoon!

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