Final Days in Cleveland

We finished up our final days in Cleveland with some wonderful cool weather for me to take back and remember while I finish out the summer in Louisiana sweltering in the heat and humidity.  And since the weather was so nice we tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Every morning you could find me sitting out on the back deck, snuggled up with a light blanket, drinking my coffee and reading a book.  Ahhh...I though about how much I wished I could bring this weather back with felt like crisp autumn mornings to me.

The day after Poppi left we decided to take the kids to see a movie early in the day.  Finding Dory was playing so off we went, buying popcorn, candy and drinks to enjoy...

We went to the theatre at Crocker Park because we intended to spend a little time playing around there later.
When the movie was over we let the girl play with the bean bag games on the lawn there and then got a bite to eat...outside.

After eating we walked over to the book store to let the girls look at books and play at some of the centers they have set up there.

I bought the girls some art supplies and then we went out to another sitting area to let them run around and draw and color.

When we returned home that evening we got the kids fed and down to bed fairly early so we could have a little time to ourselves to talk, watch a little T.V. and have a glass of wine.  It was nice to have some adult down time with just my daughter and me.

The next day was our last day in Cleveland so we decided not to do much.  Just let the girls play and picnic in a nearby park.  It was really chilly that day and I even had to put a jacket on.  We ate and the girls ran around while Andrew sat on his blanket watching them.  Before it was time to leave Caitlin had to photograph the kids for some companies she is working for and she also shot a great picture of the girls together for me.

We rented a movie on the way home for the girls to watch and ordered in pizza for our last night there.  Once the girls were in bed, Caitlin and I got some more alone time.  We sat up late into the night talking, watching T.V., she editing photographs and I knitting.  I wasn't worried about the time because Parker and I had a later flight out the next day.

Thursday morning came and as always it was hard to say good-bye.  But not quite as hard this time because in only two week's time Caitlin and her family will be flying in to spend the rest of the month with us.  Kevin has a job interview, Caitlin has some photography sessions to do and then our entire BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY will all be heading to the beach for our vacation.  This trip to Cleveland had been exhausting yet fun.  This is the way big families bond and stay close and although things are not always perfect (yes...I never knew how much little girls can argue and fight), they are still the times we will always remember and cherish forever.
                                                      Heading HOME SWEET HOME...

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