Another Great Summer Read: "What She Knew"

I have been doing a lot of reading on these hot, lazy days here in the south.  And what I love is when I find books that I get so engrossed in that I cannot put them down.  I'm sure Hubby doesn't care for it as much as me because I'm that kid that you see with their nose in the book who never hears a word you say when you speak to me.  But this week I have to share with you a book I picked up and finished in just a few days time:  "What She Knew" by Gilly McMillan.  Prior to reading this book I had never even heard of this author, however, I'm not afraid to read a new author and most times I'm glad I do.  This is one of those times.

"What She Knew" is a riveting story about a mother who loses her child while out on a Sunday walk in the woods.  It is not written in just her point of view but also the view of the detectives and others involved. One thing that you do not know, however, is what is going on with the abductor or child which keeps you reading to find out.  That information is not revealed until close to the end of the book.  But the thing about this book that I loved was that it was like peeling the layers off of an onion.  There are so many secrets that have been kept that the trust factor among the characters becomes obsolete.

I won't reveal what happens but I would suggest you read this book if you're looking for something other than television to keep you busy in your spare time.  Curl up in a chair, turn the air down low, grab a blanket and snuggle in for a really good read!

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