Summer Reading Continued: "What Alice Forgot"

As I continue with my summer reading list, I have a new book and author to recommend.  "What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty is such a page turner (My favorite kind of read)!  Alice has a fall at the gym and when she comes to, she believes it's 10 years earlier. Imagine that!

Alice has no idea what her life has become in the past 10 years and the book got me to thinking about my own life. What if I were to wake up and think I was in an earlier decade?  Would I like who I've become?  Would I understand the strange looks people gave me?  

Alice has trouble navigating her life with no memories of the recent years, including the fact that she has three children and is divorcing her husband. Because she believes when she wakes up that she's pregnant with the first. The main story line of this book is about Alice and how she struggles to regain her memory in unfamiliar surroundings but there is also a secondary story line simultaneously going on. It revolves around her sister and their relationship over the past ten years. The things that have torn a once close relationship apart. 

This book is a reflection on life, friends and family and how all are so fragile and can deteriorate over time. It's about relationship struggles and how easy it is to allow those relationships to slip away after being chipped away day after day for years. It is a story that explores having a "do-over". Looking at situations as your old self instead of who you have become. 

This book was very well written and I believe I have found a "new favorite author". I would suggest you pick up a copy of this book today or download one on your Kindle.  Hey, it's way too hot here in the south to be doing anything during the day but sitting inside under the air conditioner!  And why just veg out on the television when you can feed your mind and imagination with a good book. 
                                                             HAPPY READING!!!

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