Boat Rides, Babies and Backyard Fun

Hubby and I had exactly one evening together before our BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY began to descend upon us.  They trickled in one family at a time and the cooking, boat riding and playing got into full swing. 
Ryan, Allison and Livie were the first ones to arrive, therefore, they were also the first ones to get to go on a boat ride; Livies's first!

We found that we needed a new grill and these two were given the task of putting it together. Yep...that concerned me a little and it probably took longer than it should have BUT it DID get done. 
                          Mornings were filled with eating powdered donuts and swinging cousins. 

David has finally finished his residency and they have moved back into town. His first day of work was July 1st...and he was on call the entire holiday weekend (Welcome to the "real world"). However, they were able to have dinner with us on Sunday and the boys got to play and go on a boat ride too!
Of course, Uncle Ryan let Beckett help him drive the boat, honk the horn and do all sort of cool things. 
                    Livie and Grayson don't look to comfortable in those life jackets first!  
   Well, it must not have been TOO uncomfortable because this little one fell fast asleep as we rolled down the lake. 
                           The girls decided to cool off in the wading pool later in the afternoon. 
   The fun continued into the next day (The 4th) with everybody sporting their patriotic colors...
                                And just a little more boat riding before the afternoon rain showers hit...
         there's something to this boat riding that just puts our babies to sleep. 

The weekend was wonderful and fun with just the right amount of drama to make it so enjoyable!  As Hubby and I sat in our big, old overstuffed chair while the last tail lights were leaving the driveway, it was strange to hear the deafening silence in the house. Not bad but strange after all the days of activity here. It gave me time to ponder what this weekend, the 4th of July meant to me. I've always enjoyed being an American and having so many freedoms but this year I appreciated it even more. After our experience in Paris during the attacks in November. It has made such a huge impression on me that will last a lifetime. How fortunate we are to live in America. The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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