Souvenir Shopping

It's pretty much a rite of passage to go souvenir shopping while vacationing. And introducing children to the joy of browsing and grabbing a couple of little trinkets at a local souvenir shop is so much fun!  Yesterday we did just that as we set out in the morning to find one of those shops here at the beach. 

As we pulled up I knew the kids were going to enjoy this little outing because the door to one shop was an octopus and the other a shark's head. 
First, all of the girls decided to dress alike in their Taylor Joelle dresses.  Check her website out if you get a chance!
                                  Now, how fun and inviting does this souvenir shop look?!
                                 Whoa!  Was this beach souvenir shop overload or what?!
The Hermit Crabs were a bigger hit with the baby girls than they were with the bigger ones. And I was really hoping we would be bringing one home with us but unfortunately no takers. 
And oh, the snow globes!  I remember getting those as a child...
                        Mermaid and sea turtle necklaces were popular with the big girls.
                                           And the big boys were attracted to the kites!
And me?  I alway get a new Christmas ornament from each trip we take. This time it's this glass sea turtle whose body is filled with tiny shells. 
                             And the edible type of souvenirs are some of the best for sure!
But the sea shells were a winner and these girls filled bottles with tiny shells to take home with them. 

And then we went home where everybody either napped, flew kites, read or played in the sand...
                            And I caught Poppi slipping out to the dock to try to catch a fish.
                                 And then we enjoyed watching the sun set on the coast.
                                                     And what a sunset it was...

But that wasn't the end of the day because once the sun completely set, we went to the beach with nets and flashlights in hand to chase down some sand crabs.
                        What a full but fun-filled day MY BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY had!

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