Lake-Housing It

I had only gotten back from Ohio the evening before when the next day found me packing a few things to head to our lake house for the 4th of July weekend. Only 45 minutes away, Hubby and I had not been there for a stay in about a year. I know...ridiculous, huh?  But Ryan and Allison had lived there for a year when they first moved back from New Orleans and were getting settled and then life just got busy.  Busy having more grandkids, busy with work, traveling, updating things in our home. But this summer there would be no more excuses. No more "too busy".  This weekend we were opening the lake house back up.

Friday, Hubby went up to the house that morning to do a little yard work and I was trying to get a bit caught up after being gone for a week.  I arrived that afternoon late and immediately thought, "Why?  Why have we not done this sooner?"  I love it there. We put a lot of work into this house to make it a peaceful retreat for not only us but our entire family. When we remodeled, we made sure there were 6 bedrooms in case everyone came at the same time they would all have their own space.  So here we were.  A day by ourselves before everyone else arrived and it was peaceful and quiet and right away I sunk down into my big, overstuffed chair before I even began putting the groceries away.  I pulled out my Kindle and began to read. Later that night we had dinner with our next door neighbors and I finished the evening off with a nice glass of red wine. Wow...I slept like a baby that night and got up the next morning to prepare for the arrival of MY BIG FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY. we would be "busy" again but having fun with our family on this holiday weekend!

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