Create Your Own Special Occassion Photo Booth with FREE DOWNLOADS!

We are all obsessed these days with taking photographs.  More so than any other time I can remember.  With the invention of the cell phone and its popularity, taking photos and videos is so convenient now that there is no excuse for not capturing any and every moment ones chooses.

So popular are photos that in recent years the wedding photo booth has become a fixture at most modern day weddings.  People donning props and acting silly.  Making a fun memory book for the happy new couple.  And now, many other people are catching on to the photo booth idea.  Why not have a photo booth for all sorts of occasions?  Well, for one thing, they cost a lot to rent.  However, Personal Creations (who asked me to create this post) has come up with a great solution:  FREE DOWN LOADABLE PROPS!

You heard me right; anyone can now download their very own props for most occasions!  As a former teacher, this makes me smile.  As a YaYa, it makes me start planning to have these awesome props available for my entire BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY at every occasion.  All you need is:

1.  A computer to download the props.
2.  A printer to prints the props.
3.  Tag board paper to make the props more sturdy.
4.  Contact paper if you want to save the props from getting bent or dirty or if you just want to be
     able to save them forever.
5.   A container to save your props in so you can reuse them over and over.

Now, I'm thinking outside the "Wedding Booth Prop" box and brainstorming other places these props could be used.  Teacher would LOVE to have these for their classrooms.  Kids enjoy dressing up and teachers could snap cute photos of special occasions.

Churches could also use these.  I know that our church sets up family photo booths for special events and these would be perfect!

How about parties?  Whenever my kids were small, I would spend hours preparing for their birthday parties, cutting out and creating cute items for the children to wear or take home.  How cute would these props be to use for a children's party?  And if you wanted, they could also serve as party favors for the guests to take home with them.

And what about adult parties, showers,  family get togethers and holidays?  The list could go on and on.  Can you tell how excited I am about these?!  That's why I'm giving you the LINK to download all of these cute props for FREE right now!

Aren't these props just great?!  And the possibilities are endless.  I can't WAIT to get started downloading all of mine now!  I only hope that there will be more of these to come from Personal Creations .

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