Be Careful With My Purse...You Might Spill The Gravy!

In this suffocatingly HOT southern weather, there are not many activities one can do and stay cool. However, one of my favorites is going to see matinee' movies at the theatre. So, Caitlin and I made a plan...we would go to an afternoon matinee' this week.

When the kids were young, we would all pile in the car on hot summer afternoons and head to the movie theatre. This is an activity that we have continued to enjoy as a family over the years. The fun is the same, but other things have changed regarding our movie going adventures. For one, when did the price of a matinee' movie ticket increase from $2.50 per person to $7.50? How is THAT a "deal"? And that yummy smelling popcorn...what is is now, about 50 cents per CUP? So, on this particular afternoon, we decided to skip the movie concessions and grab a bite to eat "outside" the take "inside" the theatre.

I know that you are not supposed to do this sort of thing, but hey...they kind of FORCE you to resort to these measures with all of the inflated prices. We tried to first run by Subway (our favorite lunch spot), but the line was too long and we were a little short on time, so instead, we pulled in to Sonic. I was busy taking a phone call and before I knew what was happening, Caitlin had order for us a BLT, grilled cheese sandwich, French fries and onion rings...oh, and 2 bottles of water! Good thing I was carrying my large Hobo bag today, but WOW! Bacon and onion rings? That was some strong smelling food...I hoped we wouldn't get busted. And that got me to thinking...what would happen if we did? Would they demand I open my purse...could they do that? And if they did...would they throw me out of the theatre? Or worse yet throw your food out?!

As we entered the theatre, I was relieved that the popcorn smell permeated the air inside; that smell would definitely cover the smell of the bacon and onion rings. Making it past the ticket taker, we were now on our way to find the theatre where our movie would be showing. was so cold in there; what a GREAT place to "beat the heat". And then Caitlin turned to me and said, "I forgot my hoodie in the car." "Well, let's just switch purses. You take mine with the key (and food) in it and I will hold yours." "OK, she said, but be careful not to turn it upside down ...because you might spill the gravy."
"GRAVY?! What gravy?"
"The gravy I got to go with my fries", she giggled.
Now, this might be pushing it a bit, but what the heck...if you're going down, you may as well go down BIG.

We eventually got settled in and the lights dimmed and the movie started. Covertly, we removed our lunch and began to eat. For a while, each new person who entered the theatre had us flinching and hiding our food, but after a while we became more comfortable and were able to enjoy our "lunch and a movie". After all, if caught, I had decided that I would just simply state my life motto in defense of my discretion..."It's better to ask forgiveness than permission!"

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