They Call It "Labor" For A Reason...

Saturday, I will FINALLY become a grandmother...Ya-Ya (that's what my grandma name will be). I know this because we have been told by my daughter-in-law that her labor will be induced at 5 a.m. that morning. The doctor has told them to be prepared for a very long day...perhaps at least 12 hours. I won't be there at 5...I don't think she'll have it that quickly AND I don't want to have bags under my eyes for my first pictures with the baby. Anyway, upon hearing this news, I began to recall my oldest son's birth. I had no idea what to expect when I went in to deliver. I was a bit afraid and apprehensive because of the unknown. I think that hospitals, doctors and instructors of childbirth classes should do a little better job of preparing prospective parents (mothers, in particular) for the actual real life view of the birthing process. Because, although it IS a magical day, they call it "laboring" for a reason.

I was listening to my daughter-in-law and a niece talk the other night about this up-coming event. The facility where she is to give birth is the same place I gave birth to my oldest son, her husband. Although it is the same place, much has changed over the course of 28 years. The actual building has been totally remodeled with state of the art birthing rooms, fabulous sitting areas with leather couches and even a day spa (I could actually go get a massage, facial and manicure while awaiting the baby's arrival!). So, when talking to my niece, I heard my daughter-in-law mention that the birthing room had a flat screen TV and since the doctor had told her that her labor would most likely last for 12 hours or longer, she was thinking of bringing some DVD's to watch. WAIT...WHAT WAS THAT? Ummm...I realize that many things have changed over the years, but one thing is for will be experiencing too much pain to even CARE about a DVD, much less watch one. Knowing that she would quickly find this out, I chose not to interject a comment.

I did, however, ask if the doctor had informed her not to eat after midnight prior to her delivery. She said that they actually told her she could eat something light that very morning. "REALLY, I said. I'm not sure if they still do this, but they used to give you a "cleaning out" before your began laboring." They had not mentioned anything about that to either, I thought. That was one of those "little surprises" they fail to mention until it is time to administer it. I have always said that before a woman gives birth, she still has a bit of modesty left. After experiencing labor and delivery...she has NONE whatsoever left! Well, hopefully, for her sake, this little gem is one of the things that has changed over the years.

Apparently, the mother now labors, gives birth and then keeps her baby with her in the new laboring room; there is no nursery window through which guests can view the baby. I have been informed that after the birth, both sets of grandparents will be allowed in to see, hold and take photographs of her. This is the part that I am most looking forward to. It has been discussed in which order we will get to hold the baby; the grandmothers first, followed by the grandfathers. Now, I really don't mind actually being the last one in line for this event. Because, you see, I have this theory: The last one to hold the baby, gets to hold her for the longest amount of time...AND mine will be the last face she sees before being given back to her parents!

Well, whatever the day may bring and whatever changes have indeed occurred over the years, one thing is certain...a baby girl will be born Saturday. She will be born into a family who already loves her before they even meet her.

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  1. I can't wait. All the details you remember, did you forget that they really can't see quit well those first few weeks. But you go ahead and be the last one she "sees" before you give her back to Mom and Dad. That is just too weird Justin being a Dad! Now you and Robbie just had to beat us to the grandparenting thing didn't you. Keep good notes. Lori