The Old Gray Mare Just Ain't What She Used To Be

Last week, I didn't have time for blogging or anything else for that matter. I had been summoned to Mississippi. David and Codi were moving into their new rent house and they needed some help. "What kind of help?", I inquired. "Oh, just a little help putting some furniture together...and there is "one little flower bed" that also needs some "help".

Upon arriving from the 4 hour road trip it took to get there, the first thing I noticed was the "one little flower bed" was not only NOT" little"; it was TWO flower beds AND they looked very much like a JUNGLE! Standing there with my hands on my hips looking at the mess I had to clean up, I heard the next door neighbor quietly walk up beside me..."You've got your work cut out for you", he said. No truer words had been spoken.

I suppose I have gotten soft over the years (that sounds better than "old", doesn't it?) , because I can remember the day when I could stay outside working in the yard all day long. However, I KNEW the triple digit temperatures of Mississippi were going to be unbearable. It was because of this, that I told Robby that we would have to get up EARLY the next day so we could work outside during the coolest (HA HA) part of the day. We arrived and began working the next morning at 7:30.

Upon looking things over, I decided that we needed a few things for our "little project". One of the first things to make the list was fire ant killer. That's because Robby immediately stepped into a HUGE ant bed that was in the "jungle". Oh...and did I mention that he was wearing sandals? Yea, I know...some people will do ANYTHING to get a break from doing yard work. Well, you will have to do better that that! Put some medicine on those ant bites and get on out here! In addition to the ant killer, we also needed some mulch. David had made a visit to Justin's Ace Hardware store and gotten some mulch before he left for Mississippi...3 bags. It took 23 bags. He had also picked up a shovel for us to use. Justin told me, "I don't know what David is planning to do with a "war shovel"...WHAT?! What is a "war shovel"? I quickly found out. I think it is perhaps called a camp shovel, but I DO know why Justin referred to it as a "war shovel". It was a very short handled shovel...and it looked like it should be used to dig fox holes-thus, a "war shovel"!

Well, EVERYONE was required to help with the "little project". There was digging, pruning, transplanting and weeding to be done...and it was HOT! I started drinking water like nobody's business...literally gallons! I have to say that the work went pretty well, but there was an award given out that day...the "complaining award". That award went to Caitlin, who was the last one to join our little party and the first to go in and take a shower. FINALLY, (just before I passed out from heat exhaustion) we finished up. It had taken about 4 1/2 hours to complete this "little project", but it looked GREAT (if I may say so myself). The final project was complete with monogrammed garden flag and 2 ferns hanging from the front porch (hope those make it through the heat).

With my head throbbing and sweat pouring profusely from every pore in my body, Robby and I headed back to our hotel to take our showers. He swung into a Quik Stop to grab another drink, while I opted to stay in the car with my face pressed against the air conditioning vents. As I watched him exit the store, I began to laugh. He had worn a white shirt to work in (having forgotten his "work clothes"...nice try, buddy) and I told him as he entered the car that he reminded me of someone...Pigpen on Charlie Brown! Agreeing with me,he continued to back the car out and head toward the hotel, as I simultaneously began softly singing a familiar tune..."The Old Gray Mare Just Ain't What She Used To Be..."

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