I Bought New Yarn This Weekend...HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

At the risk of sound a little bit...OK, a lot like Si Robertson from the popular reality series, "Duck Dynasty", I'm going to use his catch phrase, "Happy, Happy, Happy!" to describe how I feel about my new yarn purchases this past weekend.

Robby and I woke up Friday morning and decided to hit the road to Katy, Texas.  Katy is a suburb of Houston and also where my cousin Gayle lives with her husband.  We were just wanting to get out of town, visit with family a little and, of course, begin the search for my newest "Mother of the Groom" dress for Ryan and Allison's June wedding.  Just across the street from Gayle's house is a great little yarn shop (www.yarntopia.net) where they not only offer scrumptious yarns but also classes and "sit and knit groups".  As usual, when I walked in I said, "Oh, how I wish we had a shop like this close to me...(sigh)."  Followed by, "But, perhaps it's a good thing that we don't because I would never get anything else done!"  Anyway, I purchased a couple of new really unique yarns and even got a free pattern.

This is the yarn that I bought to work up the free pattern above.  This yarn is called FEZA, Alp Oriental and has a very interesting story behind it.  It is made in Turkey by the housewives of men who are unemployed; it is a tied yarn which when worked up lends itself to a very eclectic look, like something you might find in an Anthropologie store.

This yarn is also very arsty looking, with all sorts of ribbons in various colors added in with the yarn.  I intend to work this up with another cream colored yarn, alternating between the two in a simple stitch pattern so the beauty of this wonderful yarn won't be lost amongst the complexity of a pattern.

Gayle also knits and I also ended up with a couple more patterns from her stash that I can't wait to get started on as well.  One would think I came home with a pot of gold and to me, I felt like I had.  Sweet tea and naps might make Si "Happy, Happy, Happy!", but Yarn does it for me!  Ahhh...it's the simple things; truly, it is!

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