The "Wish Book"

Whenever I was a child growing the day before kids got everything they wanted, when they wanted it...there was the "Wish Book".  Each fall, spring and Christmas, J.C. Penney, Montgomery Ward and Sears would put out their seasonal catalogs.  I loved the day these came in the mail and can remember holding it tightly to my chest as I made my way from the mailbox to the house, where I laid on the rug in the den and flipped through the pages..."wishing".  I would think of Christmas and my birthday and what I wanted for those occasions.  I knew some things might be a possibility and well...some were simply "wishful thinking".  And I didn't just look through those catalogs that one time, they were worn out from turning the pages and marking my favorite things.  Although, these days, my mailbox is usually filled with catalogs of some sort, there is still a couple of time during the year that my favorite "Wish Book" comes in the mail.  Last week was one of those times and was I ever giddy!

My favorite "Wish Book" these days is the seasonal Nordstrom catalog.  It comes along at just the "perfect" time!  The spring catalog come out just as Christmas is over and it is cold outside and people are getting tired of wearing coats and dreams of warmer temperatures and sandy beaches are dancing in their heads.  The fall catalog is timed just as well, introducing individuals to the lovely fall palate that is to come when we are still sweltering from the heat of the summer.  All I can say is, "Thanks, really made my day!"

This catalog will lay on my kitchen counter where I will continue to look through it for the next weeks and months.

Oh, how these lovely, soft mint colors make me think of spring with green grass, sunny days and birds singing.

                    Did I mention that shoes are my weakness?!  I simply LOVE these flats...

                                      OH MY GOODNESS...And these cute wedged shoes!

   How cute is that little blazer, not mention the entire outfit that is put together on this page?

OK...STOP right here!  I cannot resist seeing the new colors that Bobbi Brown has come out with each new season.  After seeing this, I ran down to the nail shop and had my nails polished a pretty pink!

                                                       Layered gold...Need I say more?!

OK...I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.  I've spent a week "wishing" and it has been gloriously fun.  NOW...I DO have a birthday coming up in February (hint, hint, hint...) and what I would like this year is gift cards to Nordstrom!

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