Today's The Day...Grandbaby THREE Is A ____?

Well, today I returned to a little more normalcy.  Mother is tucked away cozily in her own home, I went to the office to work, ran some errands, enjoyed a cup of Starbucks during a mani/pedi...AND found out what Poppi and Ya Ya's Grandbaby Number THREE will be...

                                                                           It's A BOY!

Ahhh...A little boy to throw into the mix with Parker Ann and Holli Reese.  He might disturb their tea parties and cause some mischief (especially if he's anything like his dad...), but watch out, they just might serve you up some potty water too!  What fun and great news for our BIG, FAT FAMILY...God continues to bless us as it continues to grow.


  1. Oh how wonderful. And yes Parker and Holli with have a doll to dress up and put make up on. He won't mind.

  2. yes... and oh yes... a boy will add a wonderful mix to the family!!

  3. that is wonderful news!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. the new giveaway started Friday :-)