It's My "Birthday Month"

February is my "Birthday Month" and I decided this year that I would celebrate the entire month.  HEY...don't judge; I like to celebrate!  Down south, February is a pretty special month.  Most years it marks the last month of winter for us but apparently Mother Nature got a little confused this year and has dumped more cold weather, along with ice and snow than we are used to.  It is also the month that crawfish season begins and Kings Cakes are baked and Mardi Gras balls abound.  And let's not forget the holiday of love, Valentine's Day.  So, with my birthday fit perfectly in there,  on the 19th, I decided to declare the entire month mine and celebrate a little every chance I got.

I was in Cleveland for the first of February and indeed had plans to celebrate the entrance of the month, however, I got that terrible cold and had to wait a couple of days.  But celebrate with my girls eventually, I did.  The first thing we did was to go have pedicures.  Now, pedicures with a baby in tow may not sound like much fun to some people, but Holli is the perfect baby to take to something like that because she is the "Rocking Baby" of our family.  She likes to cuddle and rock so I figured that she would be OK at the nail spa.  And as it turned out, she climbed right up in my lap and went to sleep. Perfect relaxation for all!

With snow on the ground and our toenails freshly polished, we then zipped across the road to a quaint little restaurant and sat by the fire while eating our dinner.  Looking over the menu, I decided that we would order dessert that evening (something I rarely do) and all three share celebration of my "Birthday Month", of course!
This dessert was called, "S'mores".  Two HUGE toasted marshmallows sat upon melted chocolate, garnished with graham crackers and fresh sliced strawberries.  DELICIOUS!

Once back in New Orleans, the first thing Robby did was take me down to Saks to look for a birthday present.  Saks?!  OH My GOODNESS!  He had his mind set on getting me a new pair of shoes.  And everyone knows that I LOVE shoe shopping.  The kids met us down there and the salesman brought out tons of beautiful shoes that I tried on and modeled for Robby and the kids.  The best part?  I didn't look at the brand or price of them...they were going to be a present!

            After a good deal of trying on the most FABULOUS shoes, THESE were the WINNER!

Saturday morning, Ryan made us all a brunch reservation at a restaurant we had never been to before, Atchafalaya...
There's nothing like brunch in New Orleans; they just know how to do dining "Right"!  I had the 2 eggs over easy, atop 2 jalapeno corn cakes, topped with a Hollandaise sauce.  This was also served with Crystal Hot Sauce potatoes and another side of alligator sausage (which I chose not to get).  One word for this meal...YUMMY!

And Saturday afternoon, I got to see one of my favorite Broadway plays, "Beauty and the Beast"...
All I can say is, Disney just knows how to do EVERYTHING right!  No matter how many times one sees this show, it is still "Magical"!

We finished up the weekend by ordering out for pizza and having my first taste of a Randazzo's King Cake for the season and, of course playing with my sweet Beckett.

                          Pretty good start to a "BIRTHDAY MONTH", don't you think?!
                                      Yes...It's my "Birthday Month".  I get to wear the crown!

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